Becky Mantin’s Nappy Grab Bag REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

Leaving the house with a baby can be quite interesting. It isn’t about the adventure that awaits when you step out of the door, but of all the stuff you need to take with you along for the ride.

When Ethan arrived we never really thought about buying a changing bag, but it was soon evident that one was needed and a purchase was quickly made.

A changing bag is perfect but they are huge, well they have to be. Not only do you need food items but you can’t leave the house without spare nappies, wipes, nappy rash cream and nappy bags. Not to mention some form of portable changing mat!

This is something you get used to but wouldn’t it be great if you could leave the house with less bulk?

Even better if everything you need could fit neatly into your hand bag. Nappy bags aren’t really the must have look for the wedding season!

This is where Becky Mantin’s Nappy Grab Bags could be the perfect solution.


Each Nappy Grab Bag can be purchased in the full range of nappy sizes – 1 to 6. They contain:

1 x Eco responsible Naty Nappy
4 x Jackson Reece organic baby wipes
1 x Sachet Weleda Calendula Nappy Cream

The bio-degradable polythene outer wrapping also doubles as a 350mm x 570mm hygienic surface for the baby to lie on whilst being changed.

The wrapping also contains a pocket and an adhesive strip which is used to help dispose of the dirty elements at the end of each change.

NappyGrabBag3 NappyGrabBag4 NappyGrabBag5 NappyGrabBag6 NappyGrabBag7

A visual tour of the Nappy Grab Bag can be found HERE.

Our Verdict


We love how Becky Mantin’s Nappy Grab Bags reduce the amount of bulk needed to take out with us. If rushing out of the door you just have to make sure you have a Nappy Grab Bag and you know you are prepared.

The otter wrapping was the perfect size for Little E to lay on, also very handy when you are out and about.

There are only four baby wipes in each packet but the idea is that you hold on to your unused ones, as we all know sometimes one baby wipe is all you need. Other times an excess of fifteen would be more appropriate!

We were happy with the quality of all of the items used in the Nappy Grab Bag.

Nappy Grab Bags are available at,, Waitrose and Whole Food Market.

Becky Mantin’s Nappy Grab Bags GIVEAWAY

Would you like to win a months supply of Becky Mantin’s Nappy Grab Bags, which works out at 20 individual grab bags, to make your days out less bulky?

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DISCLAIMER – We were gifted two Becky Mantin’s Nappy Grab Bags Size 4 for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, finding, beliefs and experiences of products.

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