Benny the Cat Trunki REVIEW

Over the summer we were asked if Ethan and Little E would like to review some items from the Trunki range. Ethan already owns a Gruffalo Trunki that Little E has laid claim to. To make it fair I thought I would pick Little E her very own Trunki suitcase to review. When I spotted the Benny the Cat Trunki I knew it would be perfect for her. Ethan decided he wanted a PaddlePak and picked Tang the Tropical Fish.

benny the cat trunki REVIEW

Benny the Cat Trunki Design

The Benny the Cat design was originally created for Trunki creator Rob Law’s pregnant girlfriend. It was based on his beloved pet cat. Thankfully the design was put in production so that everyone can now own their very own Benny.

benny the cat trunki

What Is A Trunki?

A Trunki is a suitcase designed for young children. Your child can pull them along and they can even ride on their Trunki suitcase. It is designed to be used as hand luggage to compliment your plane journeys and time at the airports. You must check your hand luggage allowance as these do vary with each airline.

Trunki’s have the following design features

  • an 18 litre capacity
  • Secure lockable catches

benny the cat trunki lockable catche

  • are lightweight and durable
  • have a comfy saddle
  • have horn grips for stability
  • a tow strap with key
  • a carry handle
  • a soft rubber trim on the edge of the case
  • an Internal pocket
  • internal straps to keep items safe and secure

benny the cat trunki internal pocket teddy bear seatbelts

What Did Little E Love About Her Benny the Cat Trunki?

Little E fell in love her Benny the Cat Trunki as soon as we got him out of the box. She absolutely loves that she has a cat and she was quick to point out his details to me. You can see her reactions in the unboxing and first impressions video we made below.

Little E also loves keeping her favorite soft toys safe in her Trunki. She is also very happy to ride on Benny and take him for walks around the house. There have even been races between Benny the Cat and the Gruffalo.

benny the cat trunki ride onbenny the cat trunki pull along

She also loved that we could turn Benny’s delivery box into a little house for him. The instructions to do this are included on the Trunki cardboard box. She plays daily with Benny the cat even though he is really just a suitcase.

benny the cat trunki home

What We Love About The Benny the Cat Trunki?

benny the cat trunki

The first thing I noticed when we unboxed Benny the Cat was that the Trunki had new and improved locks. We purchased our Gruffalo Trunki in 2012 so he is quite old now. After showing Little E how these worked she has been able to open and close her Trunki on her own. I think that younger children or children who struggle with their motor skills could need some help.

I love that Little E finds it very easy to pull her Trunki along

and also ride on it.

We have experience of taking a Trunki on a plane as that is why we purchased Ethan’s one. Ethan was younger than Little E and less able. He wasn’t able to pull his Trunki or ride on it. This did mean that we had to carry it for him along with our own bags. I don’t think we would have this issue now with either children. At Eight Ethan happily races around on his Trunki but he does have a small build.

The Trunki also kept his snacks safe during the flight as well as his nappies and wipes. There is obviously restricted space on a flight but I just made sure I opened up the Trunki in my seat whenever we needed anything.

The video below is the review I produced for our YouTube channel.

Benny the Cat has a RRP of £39.99. The Trunki range starts from £34.99. They can be purchased from the Trunki website where you can even design your own Trunki. They can also be found on Amazon* are stocked in many good high street retailers.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the Benny the Cat Trunki for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube videos. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the products. *This post contains an affiliate link. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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