Boxy Girls Fashion Doll REVIEW

With online shopping receiving packages from the postman can be a regular occurrence. Now with the new dolls the Boxy Girls your child can add receiving packages into their play. Each Boxy Girl is supplied with four specially designed cartons to open meaning the surprise toy element is also included.

Boxy Girls Fashion Doll REVIEW

The Boxy Girls

The Boxy Girls love online shopping and collect make-up, shoes clothes and accessories. In season one there are four fashion dolls to collect. Each comes with four cartons filled with surprise fashion and accessories. Season two is coming soon which brings more dolls and fashions to collect.

boxy girls brooklyn riley fashion pack

As well as the fashion dolls there are Boxy Girls fashion packs available to purchase. These packs include six cartons with a host of surprise fashion items inside. Add to your dolls fashion collection with clothes, shoes, make-up and more!

Meet Brooklyn

boxy girls brooklyn

If Brooklyn had an Instagram account you will find it full of photos of her favourite food and anything colourful. She loves snapping pics. In Brooklyn’s delivery cartons we found the following

A Sea Shell Purse

boxy girls brooklyn sea shell purse

A Watermelon Purse

boxy girls brooklyn watermelon purse

Hoop Earrings

boxy girls brooklyn hoop earrings

A Blue Bracelet

boxy girls brooklyn blue bracelet

and Grey Boots

boxy girls brooklyn grey boots
boxy girls brooklyn unboxed

Meet Riley

boxy girls riley

Riley loves music whilst shopping you will find her rocking to her favourite tunes. She can always be found shopping in 5th Avenue’s busy streets. In Riley’s delivery cartons we found the following

A Necklace and Star Earrings

boxy girls riley necklace star earrings

A Handbag

boxy girls riley handbag

Blue Pink Hair Extension

boxy girls riley blue pink hair extension

and Purple Shoes

boxy girls riley purple shoes
boxy girls riley unboxed

The Boxy Girls Fashion Pack

boxy girls fashion pack

As well as being sent Brooklyn and Riley we were also sent a fashion pack containing six cartons to open. Inside the six delivery cartons, we found the following

Pink Shoes

boxy girls fashion pack pink shoes

Pink Floral Top

boxy girls fashion pack pink floral top

Jean Skirt

boxy girls fashion pack jean skirt

Pineapple Sunglasses

boxy girls fashion pack pineapple sunglasses

Purple Shoes

boxy girls fashion pack purple shoes

Earrings, Bracelet and Nail Varnish

boxy girls fashion pack earrings bracelet nail varnish
boxy girls fashion pack unboxed

What Did Little E Love About The Boxy Girls?

Little E loves surprise toys and this was the element she loved about the Boxy Girls. She had lots of fun opening each carton to discover what she would find inside. Not only is a fashion item enclosed in each one but you will also find a sticker and a delivery note.

boxy girls delivery notes

The delivery notes have quirky notes and also positive quotes. They added even more fun to the opening.

Little E loves the size of the dolls. They are fully poseable and their joints are easy to manoeuvre in any direction you require.

boxy girls brooklyn riley

The below video shows us opening the Boxy Girls and all of their cartons

What Did I Love About The Boxy Girls?

I love the look of the dolls, I think they can easily appeal to a range of different ages. I also liked the range of accessories we revealed. My favourite accessories were the earrings that they can easily wear and I also loved the hair extension.

There has been so much thought put into the surprise opening of this range. Not only are the accessories packed in the boxes. They are also gift wrapped in different ways. This can just be a type of tissue stuffing or wrapping. The cartons are also made of cardboard meaning all of the packagings can be recycled.

Make sure you look out for Willa and Nomi to add to your collection.


You can find the Boxy Girls range in Smyths Toys, on Amazon and in good toy shops.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the Boxy Girls for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the products. *This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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