Bunny Jump, Can You Catch The Bunny?

Little E has really started to enjoy playing games with us. Finding games where both children can understand the rules but will also hold Ethan’s attention can be a challenge. We were asked if we would like to review Bunny Jump by University Games. Knowing that it is cause and effect game I knew it would be enjoyed in our home. It also has the added bonus of the game including a bunny. Little E really does love her animals!

bunny jump catch the bunny game

How To Play Bunny Jump

Supplied in the game is one carrot field, one rabbit, twelve carrots, one spinner and four coloured baskets. The aim of the game is to be the player who has collected the most carrots. The game will end when the bunny jumps into the air.

bunny jump catch the bunny game

Each player takes a turn to spin the spinner. Depending on where the spinner lands depends on what action that player should take. That player might be able to pull out one or two carrots, miss a turn, or worse the bunny might eat one of your carrots!

At any time the bunny could jump into the air. All players must try to catch it before he touches the ground. The player who catches the bunny gets a bonus and can take two carrots out of the others players baskets.

The player with the most carrots wins the game.

Playing Bunny Jump

Little E was very excited about this game. She quickly understood the rules and was able to understand what each picture represented on the spinner.

bunny jump catch the bunny game

We had lots of fun taking it in turns to collect the carrots and wondering when the bunny was going to jump.

bunny jump catch the bunny gamebunny jump catch the bunny game

The length of the game is determined by the bunny. As soon as the bunny jumps its time to count how many carrots you have collected.

Our Thoughts On Bunny Jump

Little E loves Bunny Jump. She happily played this game over and over again with me. Ethan also joined in and played the came correctly. We all took it in turns to collect the carrots. For Ethan to play a game correctly and wait his turn is an amazing achievement for him. Bunny Jump is the perfect cause and effect game for him.

I love that the spinner gives you clear direction for collecting the carrots. It also makes you wait for your turn. We have played similar games in the past where there isn’t this direction and it can turn into a bit of a battle with the children.

I know that Bunny Jump will be a firm favorite in our house. It will definitely help to keep the children entertained over the summer holidays.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted Bunny Jump for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the products.

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