• ethan dentist appointments

    Small Steps Forward at Dentist Appointments

    Ethan is very sensory with his mouth. He always has been and this causes many issues. Brushing teeth is a big issue, something that Ethan still needs support with. We have good days and bad days. Small steps forward and then…

  • Turning Ten In Lockdown

    Turning Ten In Lockdown

    Dear Ethan, on Friday we celebrated your tenth birthday. I always wondered how we would celebrate your big double-digit birthday but I never imagined you would be turning ten whilst the country was in lockdown. You have grown up this past…

  • Saying Goodbye To Year Four

    Saying Goodbye To Year Four

    With the new school year starting for us today, Ethan is starting his education journey in year five. I thought we should say goodbye to year four. A school year that has been very good for Ethan. In this post, I…

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