Crate Creatures Bashers Guang REVIEW

The creators of Crate Creatures Surprise have made mini versions to add to your collection. Crate Creatures Bashers are the latest loveable beasts waiting to be freed.

Crate Creatures Bashers Guang REVIEW

What Are Crate Creatures Bashers?

If you dare to unleash the Crate Creatures Bashers you will find a perfect play buddy. Each Basher has their own crazy personality. They each have brightly coloured tongues and crazy eyes. Pull your create creatures tongue to hear the fun and gross sounds. When they hit the floor they make even more weird sounds.

crate creatures bashers

The crate they come in doubles up as a target. Pull their tongue and fling them towards the target. Who will score the most points playing games with the Crate Creatures Bashers?

crate creatures bashers target

There are 12 Crate Creatures Bashers to collect including; Blizz, Flea, Guang, Crosseyes, Stubbs, Cappa, Pudge, SnortHog, Tenta, Sizzle, Tugger and Croak.

What Did Little E Love About The Crate Creatures Bashers?

We were sent Guang to review. I did wonder what Little E would think of him. She thought he was very cute. I’m sure cute isn’t what the designers are going for but I think it’s a positive thing. She loves the sounds Guang makes but there is a knack to making him work. Little E gets frustrated if she can’t make him make his sound easily.

crate creatures bashers guang

Below is the video we created which captures our first look at our Crate Creature.

What We Love About The Crate Creatures Bashers?

It did take us a little while to work out how the crate creature made his sounds. We were pulling his tongue out and you have to pull it down and out to activate it. There is a finger tip shaped hole under his tongue. This is perfect for little hands to put him in the correct position to make the sounds as you throw him. We found that to activate the sounds that happen as he bashes you must have activated the tongue sounds first.

We love that the crate doubles up as a target for your bashers to play a game. It gives the children a direction on where the toy should be thrown. You don’t want to encourage toys being thrown at walls even if it is a game.

The Crate Creatures Bashers have a RRP of £9.99. 3 x button cell batteries are required. They come included. Suitable for ages 4+.


DISCLOSURE – We were gifted Crate Creatures Bashers Guang for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the products. *This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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