Dinosaur World Live Show REVIEW

In the Easter holidays we were invited to see the show Dinosaur World Live as it was visiting a local town. The Dinosaur World Live show dares you to experience the dangers and delights of Dinosaur World. It is an interactive show that is fun for all the family. Its recommended age is for children 3 and over.

dinosaur world live show REVIEW

Miranda the intrepid explorer invites you to discover the dinosaurs they have discovered on the pre-historic island. She has brought with her astonishing life-like dinosaurs for us to meet. These include a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Triceratops, a Giraffatitan and a Segnosaurus.

What Did We Think Of The Dinosaur World Live Show?

I thought the show was very interesting and long enough to keep the children entertained before becoming restless. The show lasted for approximately 50 minutes, which is perfect for little ones. The dinosaur puppets are really good and there is a good mix of nice dinosaurs and potentially frightening dinosaurs.

dinosaur world live triceratops

The show is full of fun dinosaur facts with a hint of comic parts. There is also the chance for audience interaction with some lucky children being asked to help with the dinosaurs. But don’t worry if your child isn’t picked there is a chance for everyone to meet some of the dinosaurs at the end of the show.

dinosaur world live tyrannosaurus rex

What Did The Children Think Of The Dinosaur World Live Show?

We surprised the children with this visit to the theatre so they didn’t know what they were going to see. Little E had worked out that she would see dinosaurs before the show started. I did wonder if they would find any of it frightening but they both really enjoyed it. Every-time a child was asked for help Ethan held his hand up high in the air waiting to be picked. When he didn’t get picked he asked me when it would be his turn. Thankfully they had made us aware that we would get this chance at the end of the show. I did wonder if Ethan got picked if I would be able to support him on stage, thankfully we didn’t have to test the internal dilemma I was facing.

I’m pleased to say that both children really did enjoy the show and I’m glad we were able to take them to see the dinosaurs.

dinosaur world live tyrannosaurus rex

Meeting The Dinosaurs?

At the end of the show everyone was invited to the front of the stage to meet the Segnosaurus. Both children were keen to do this and happily waited their turn. They were able to stroke his nose and say hello.

dinosaur world live segnosaurusdinosaur world live meeting segnosaurus

In the foyer the children were also able to meet the baby Tyrannosaurus Rex. They were in their element and it was so nice that they had the chance to get up close and personal to the dinosaurs.

dinosaur world live meeting baby tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur world live meeting baby tyrannosaurus rex

If you are thinking of taking your children to see Dinosaur World Live we highly recommend it. A fun and educational show that we all really enjoyed.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted tickets to see Dinosaur World Live for the purposes of this review. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences.

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