We were asked if we would like to review the Giddy Bowl, a non-spill bowl especially designed for children. As Ethan easily spills everything we give him, how could we refuse?

Product Description

Great for kids to have fun while they eat, without the mess.

No matter the position, the inner bowl always remains upright, no spills, no mess!

Perfect for the aeroplane, the car and on the run too.


Inner bowl rotates 360° reducing spills
Snap-on lid included
It is a colander too
Virtually indestructible
BPA free plastic
Dishwasher safe
Suitable for non-food items

Giddy BowlGiddy BowlGiddy BowlGiddy BowlGiddy BowlGiddy BowlGiddy Bowl

Our Verdict

Ethan was very interested with his bowl when it arrived. He loved how the bowl span and for a few days it was used for carrying his dinosaurs. When the novelty wore off we were able to put it to the test with food.

What I like about this bowl is that Ethan can be a little more independent, normally we would have to give Ethan his snacks and sit with them to make sure there are no spills. With this bowl I was able to give Ethan his snacks in the kitchen allowing him to carry them into the front room or where-ever he wishes to eat it.


The bowl really can rotate 360° and we put it to the test. I would happily put cereal with milk in this bowl and expect no spillage.

Having a lid also makes it easy to take snacks with you on the go, perfect when your little one wants to take their breakfast with them. We have first hand experience of that one!

We know that this bowl will also be perfect for Little E when she is ready to explore more food with her weaning.

I recommend this bowl for young children on the go, it will help keep spills and mess under control.

The Giddy Bowl retails for £9.99.

DISCLAIMER – We were gifted the Giddy Bowl for the purposes of this review. We always give our honest opinions, finding, beliefs and experiences of products.

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