little e boxed hexbug mobots ramblez robot

HEXBUG MoBots Ramblez Robot REVIEW

Last year Little E had lots of fun reviewing a robot. This year she was sent a HEXBUG MoBots Ramblez to put to the test. Knowing that he is a voice changing robot I knew she would have lots of fun with this new robot.

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HEXBUG MoBots Ramblez Robot REVIEW

Say Hello To HEXBUG MoBots Ramblez

Ramblez is the robotic sidekick from HEXBUG. He has two fun functions. The first is dancing. Clap your hands twice to make Ramblez dance. He will spin and moves around in fun circles and patterns.

little e boxed hexbug mobots ramblez robot

Ramblez fun second function is that he can record voice messages. When you play your message back you can use the voice changer button to create funny sound effects.

Voice Changing Controls

The voice control buttons are on the front of Ramblez body.

hexbug mobots ramblez robot
  • Play – will play the message you have recorded.
  • Stop – will stop the message you have recorded.
  • Record – pressing and holding this button will capture the voice you want Ramblez to repeat.
  • Voice Changer – cycle through the different recorded voice effects. The options are your voice, low pitch, high pitch, and robot voice.
  • Speed – controls the speed that the recorded voice is played, fast or slow.

There are three different Ramblez robots available. If you place them close together they can talk to each other in their own robot language.

HEXBUG MoBots Ramblez robots can be purchased online at Bargain Max* and Amazon.


Please Note – HEXBUG MoBots Ramblez requires One AAA battery. These are supplied.

What Does Little E Love About The HEXBUG MoBots Ramblez Robot

It took Little E a while to work out how to record her voice. After pressing the record button you have to wait for the robot to bleep. When he bleeps he is ready to listen to your voice. When you release the button he bleeps again and your message will have been recorded.

little e pushing robots buttons hexbug mobots ramblez robot

Then the fun can begin. Using the buttons on the front of the robot you can change the voice recording to playback anyway you wish. Little E loves this and made lots of different recordings.

little e clapping robot hexbug mobots ramblez robot

She also loves that the robot dances following the very simple command of hand clapping. You can see all of the robot fun in our video below.

What Do I Love About The HEXBUG MoBots Ramblez Robot

The price of this robot is great for introducing a robot toy to your children. With simple controls, it will be able to entertain your children for ages without causing any frustration. The buttons for the voice changing function are simple to understand and use. I’m sure we will buy this robot as gifts for friend’s birthdays.

DISCLOSURE – We received the HEXBUG MoBots Ramblez Robot as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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