Learn To Tell The Time With Easy Read Time Teacher

Learn To Tell The Time With Easy Read Time Teacher

If I ask Ethan to tell me the time he can read the 24-hour clock from his iPad. He knows that 4.00 is too early to play on the iPad. He knows that he can’t eat crisps until 10.00 and bedtime is 19.10. Later during the weekend if he is being good. When it comes to an analog clock Ethan doesn’t know how to read one. An Easy Read Time Teacher is the perfect way to learn how to tell the time.

Learn To Tell The Time With Easy Read Time Teacher

The Easy Read Time Teacher

The Easy Read Time Teacher are analog clocks that you can use to help teach your child how to tell the time. They come in two formats the 24-hour version and the past & to version. I opted for the past & to version in rainbow colour.

easy read time teacher

The Past & To Wall Clock

This wall clock has a very clear design. Using a 3-step teaching system children can learn to read the time in the ‘minutes past’ and ‘minutes to’ the hour format.

  • Step 1 – Look at the long hand and read the number at the end of it
  • Step 2 – Is the long hand on the ‘past’ or ‘to’ side of the clock face?
  • Step 3 – Look at the short hand and read the number at the end of it

When you put these steps together you should be able to say something like this – 10…minutes to…3

The below video from the Easy Read Time Teacher website shows you exactly how it is done.

Analog Wall Clock Features

This clock is battery-operated. It is silent, so there is no ticking. It also has a ‘sweep’ second hand. This helps to show that time is constant and does not stop and start. It has a 29 cm diameter and requires a single AA battery for use.

What Do We Love About The Easy Read Time Teacher?

To put it very simply, it’s easy! It teaches your child to tell the time exactly like it says it will, in three simple steps.

ethan easy read time teacher

We have placed our clock in the kitchen. This is the main room of the house used for coming and going and where I’m normally telling the children its time to leave for school. Not to mention that we are normally running late. We thought this would be the perfect place to be able to check the time.

The Easy Read Time Teacher is very clear and simple to read. I picked the rainbow version to make the numbers and sections of the clock as clear as possible for Ethan. We are still in the process of teaching him how to read the clock but we know that Ethan takes his time when learning new things. Little E is catching on quite quickly with reading the clock and telling the time. She has requested her own clock.

In the Easy Read Time Teacher range not only are wall clocks available in different colours and formats. You can also buy alarm clocks and watches. Little E has added the watch to her wish list.

I think learning to tell the time via an analog clock is a good life skill to have. The Easy Read Time Teacher really does make learning this skill easy and fun.


DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the Easy Read Time Teacher for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of products.

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