LOL Surprise Hairgoals REVIEW

LOL Surprise Hairgoals REVIEW

Little E was sent a lovely bundle of gifts from LOL Surprise over the Easter holidays. This included all the items she needed for an Easter Egg Hunt, LOL Surprise Hairgoals, LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets, and LOL Surprise Lils. We thought we would share with you what she found inside the Hairgoals Makeover Series set.

LOL Surprise Hairgoals REVIEW

LOL Surprise Hairgoals

lol surprise hairgoals

The LOL Surprise dolls now have real hair. In this series, there are 12 characters to collect. Ten of the dolls have real hair and two rare dolls have glitter. The following dolls are available

Popular Dolls

  • Yang Q.T. – Opposites Club
  • Sk8er Grrrl – Athletic Club
  • Miss Jive – Retro Club
  • Opps Baby – Pop Club
  • Splatters – Art Club
  • Witchay Babay – Spooky Club

Fancy Dolls

  • Her Majesty – Glam Club
  • Snow Bunny – Chill Out Club
  • Daring Diva – Pop Club

Rare Dolls

  • Glamour Queen – The Glitteratti
  • Shimone Queen – The Glitteratti

Ultra-Rare Dolls

  • Bhaddie – Storybook Club

The dolls come in hairspray can capsules which contain 15 surprises. This capsule also transforms into a salon chair, display case, doll stand, and purse.

hairspray can capsule lol surprise hairgoals

Who Did We Find Inside Our LOL Surprise Hairgoals?

Little E’s LOL Surprise contained Snow Bunny from the Chill Out Club. Inside she also had all the accessories for Snow Bunny’s perfect outfit.

snow bunny chill out club lol surprise hairgoals

Snow Bunny also had a pink drinking cup…

pink drinking cup

…and a white bow comb.

white bow comb

You can watch us unboxing all of the LOL Surprise items in the video below…

What Did Little E Love About This Range?

Little E really enjoyed opening the LOL toys. She loves that the hairspray can capsule turns into a bag and case. Snow Bunny is the start of her LOL Doll collection.

What Do I Love About This Range?

We have never had any LOL toys before so this collectible toy was new to us. I was impressed with the accessories we found inside. I think the little dolls are really cute and I can understand why they are such a big hit with children. We have purchased a few of these as birthday gifts too.


We also reviewed the LOL Surprise Furniture Packs. You can discover what we found inside in our review post.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the LOL Surprise Hairgoals for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products.

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