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I do love an interactive toy, I have done since I was a child. I think I can say I had one of the first interactive toys many, many years ago. It was a talking dog called Wrinkles and I remember it being very expensive then. But of course technology has moved on so much since then and now my children have been asked to review their very own interactive toy, Lucy The Dog.

I had seen Lucy The Dog advertised before but because Ethan is pre-verbal I didn’t think he would be able to play with it. Being that Little E is now gaining her speech and Ethan is also doing well I thought it would be nice to welcome Lucy into our home.


Lucy The Dog arrived and Little E helped with her unboxing, I loved the reaction to her new friend.

In the excitement of opening Lucy’s box it took us a while to work out how to get her to work.


You have to teach Lucy her name so that she can also get used to the sound of your voice. You can also decide to give Lucy a different name when you do this, she doesn’t have to be called Lucy. This is done by pressing the button in her ear and saying her name. She will bark to let you know that she has heard it. This process has to be repeated three times and you can also change the tone of your voice slightly so that she can get used to your different pitches.

When Lucy knows her name and your voice you can then give her commands to follow. She can follow fifteen commands and they range from ‘Sit’, ‘Dance’, ‘Stand Up’, ‘Search’ etc. The full list of commands are written down in the instruction booklet for your reference.

This is where we had fun. I could get Lucy to respond to me naming her but I couldn’t get her to follow any of my commands. I had no idea what I was doing, or perhaps I was totally changing my voice when giving my commands but Lucy would just not listen to me! Darren on the other hand she loved. He could get Lucy to follow all of his commands and he had lots of fun doing this.

Both children loved Lucy. Considering Ethan has lots of social and speech issues he has to work with he quickly worked out that he needed to use his voice to play with Lucy. It was so lovely hearing Ethan call Lucy’s name and he even started to give her commands to which she responded. We did find that the command you gave Lucy had to be very clear so she wouldn’t always respond to Ethan but I feel if a child knows this is might make them want to work on their pronunciation if they need to.


Lucy The Dog is really for children aged 3+ so Little E is a little young for her but that didn’t stop her calling her name and trying to copy the commands that were given to her. She loves playing with Lucy even if she can only make her bark by touching her nose.

We have enjoyed putting Lucy to the test, I obviously need to work on my vocals to make her listen to me but she has brought lots of giggles to our house. Lucy is built really well but she isn’t really soft that you could let your child take them to bed with them. I don’t see that being a problem to be honest as the positive for that is that she will be kept nice for when your child wants to play with her. Lucy also requires four AA batteries to work.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted Lucy The Dog in return for writing this review. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the product.

2 thoughts on “Lucy The Dog REVIEW”

  1. What a lovely review. Watching Little E as she’s watching the unboxing is great – he’s facial expressions say it all!
    This looks like one of the most interactive dogs I’ve seen, especially when first opened. Some require so much planning or syncing up to an app it takes a long time to get going – not ideal for short attention spans!
    It looks really good but funny that it didn’t respond to your voice!
    Great review and videos (I may be asking you for some tips)

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