Na! Na! Na! Surprise REVIEW

Na! Na! Na! Surprise REVIEW

Little E was sent a series two Na! Na! Na! Surprise to review. This surprise toy gives you a totally new unboxing experience. Inside the box is a balloon that you inflate with the provided straw. Pop the balloon for an incredible confetti surprise! What or who will you find inside?

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Na! Na! Na! Surprise REVIEW

Na! Na! Na! Surprise

Inside your popped balloon you will discover an adorable, animal-themed plush pom. Little E discovered a black cat!

black cat plush pom tuesday meow Na! Na! Na! Surprise

There are also two blind bags that contain a surprise fashion and shoes. Hiding inside the pom is a beautiful, soft posable fashion doll.

little e tuesday meow na na na surprise

Little E was very pleased to discover Tuesday Meow inside her pom.

Each Na! Na! Na! doll has unique, printed details and gorgeous hair. They also have an animal-inspired personality and style that matches their pom.

tuesday meow

As well as being able to find Tuesday Meow in series two there are five other dolls available in this Na! Na! Na! Surprise range. These are Katherine Whiskers, Michael Manchester, Nina Nanner, Aspen Fluff, and Misha Mouse.


You can also purchase Na! Na! Na Surprise dolls Series 1* and Series 2* in SMYTHS.

What Does Little E Love About The Na! Na! Na! Surprise Range?

Little E loves how this surprise toy pops open. She loved how it popped and sent the confetti everywhere!

little e na na na surprise

Little E loves that that her doll is cat-themed and she loves the cat details on Tuesday Meow’s outfit. She has a cat dress and cat socks. Our below video shows us unboxing the Na! Na! Na! Surprise and our reactions.

What Do I Love About This Range?

I think these dolls are of amazing quality. They are articulated at their neck, shoulders, and hips, so you can move and pose them. They are a great size too, perfect for little hands to play with, or to have on display.

The plush pom can also easily attach to a school bag making it easy to take your doll on adventures. It is also a good size if you want to use it to store other items.

DISCLOSURE – We received the Na! Na! Na! Surprise as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products.

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