National Geographic Crystal Garden REVIEW

National Geographic Crystal Garden REVIEW

In this post, we look at the National Geographic Crystal Garden set that we were sent to review for British Science Week. We will also be reviewing the Gemstone Dig Kit, the Dino Fossil Dig Kit, and the Shark Tooth Mini Dig Kit.

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National Geographic Crystal Garden REVIEW

The Crystal Garden Set

With this National Geographic set you can colour in trees and watch them grow crystals. Combining both an art project and a science experiment.

national geographic crystal garden stem kit

Use the supplied coloured markers to design the colour of your trees. The crystal-growing liquid will transform your trees into a crystal garden. This National Geographic kit is a perfect hands-on STEM educational toy.

little e cardboard cherry tree

What Will You Discover Inside The Box?

  • 5 washable markers
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 2 cardboard trees, one Cherry Tree and one Evergreen Tree
  • 2 tree bases
  • 1 Geode specimen
  • 2 packs of crystal-growing liquid
  • A full-colour crystal garden learning guide

Our Crystal Garden Experience

We started off creating our crystal garden by colouring in the trees.

little e colouring cardboard tree
colouring cardboard tree

Whatever colour you choose is the colour that your crystals will form into. Little E went for a multi-coloured design.

little e multi coloured tree

With the trees coloured and designed it was time to prepare the trees for crystal growing. To do this you must separate the tips of the trees to form branches. Slide both tree sections together and place them on the tree base.

little e assembeled cherry tree

With the trees ready it was time to create our garden. To help the crystals grow, place them in an area where no one can disturb them. Carefully pour a small amount of the crystal-growing liquid over the top of the trees. Pour the remaining liquid into the tree base.

In approximately 30 minutes crystals will begin to form on the trees. In 6 to 8 hours the trees should be in full bloom.

Growing The Crystal Cherry Tree

crystal liquid cherry tree
start crystal growing cherry tree
few hours crystal growing cherry tree
fully grown crystal cherry tree

Growing The Evergreen Tree

crystal liquid evergreen tree
start crystal growing evergreen tree
few hours crystal growing evergreen tree
fully grown crystal evergreen tree

Our Thoughts On This National Geographic Kit

The children really enjoyed designing their trees. They took the time to pick the colours they wanted to use making their own masterpieces. The crystal growing element caused great excitement, watching, and waiting to see how the trees would grow and develop. I’m sure they would love to grow these trees again.

We love that a Geode specimen is also included in this set. This gives you something to keep when you are ready to part with your crystal trees.

geode specimen

DISCLOSURE – We received the National Geographic Crystal Garden Kit as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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