Num Noms Starter Packs REVIEW

Little E has always loved little toys. Where ever she goes there will be a trail of little toys behind her. Having already reviewed the Num Noms Lights Surprise in a Jar and the Num Noms Snackables Silly Shakes Maker. Little E was very interested to look at the Num Noms Starter Packs.

Num Noms Starter Sets REVIEW

Num Noms Mystery Pots

num noms mystery pots series 5

Most children love surprise toys and that is what you get with a Num Noms Mystery Pots. Each Mystery Pot includes a scented Num which is the outer part. Also a Nom which creates the inner part. That will be either a scented nail polish or flavoured, glitter lip gloss. Some of the mystery pots might also contain special edition characters.

num noms starter sets mystery pots series 5 num

Little E was very lucky as one of her mystery pots contained a special edition character.

num noms starter sets mystery pots series 5 nom purple nail polish
num noms starter sets mystery pots series 5 nom pink nail polish

Num Noms Starter Pack – Princess Cakes

num noms starter pack series 4.2 princess cakes

There are lots of different versions of the Num Noms Starter Packs. Little E was sent the Princess Cakes. Her set contained three Num’s and one Nom glitter lip gloss. It also had a cake stand and a cake slice.

num noms starter pack princess cakes
num noms starter pack princess cakes nom glitter lip gloss

The below video shows us unboxing the Num Noms Starter Packs.

What Did Little E Love About The Num Noms Starter Packs?

Little E really did love these sets. She has had hours of fun with the nail polish. She loved the surprise element. I’m sure she would love to open some more.

What Do I Love About The Num Noms Starter Packs?

The mystery pots were easy to open. They also didn’t have lots of sections that needed to be thrown away. The nail polish is child-friendly. You can easily wash it off your nails with warm water. This meant I was happy for Little E to paint my nails as often as she wanted to. I think the Num Noms are a lovely collectible series.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the Num Noms Starter Packs for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube videos. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the products. *This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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