Swimways SquiDivers Learn To Swim Dive Toys

I believe that learning to swim if a very important life lesson. I’m not the most confident in the water but every week our children go to swimming lessons. Ethan’s swimming journey has been a slow one but we were able to find him a swimming club that meets his needs. Little E is very confident in the water and thinks she can swim. She recently moved up from the mother and baby group so is now really learning to be independent in the water. We were sent some Swimways SquiDivers to review to see if they would be a good addition to our learn to swim journey.

swimways squidivers learn to swim dive toys

What Are SquiDivers?

SquiDivers are soft and flexible learn to swim dive toys. When placed, or in our case thrown, into the water the SquiDivers swim noses down with their tails behind them making them easy to grab. They are soft and flexible which makes practicing underwater diving an easy task.

swimways squidivers

Each pack contains three brightly coloured Squidivers and are available from Amazon.

How We Tested The Swimways SquiDivers?

Being that you can’t take photos and video in a public swimming pool we opted to play with the SquiDivers in our paddling pool. Unfortunately we missed the lovely hot sunny bank holiday and it was a little chilly when our paddling pool came out. You can see the fun the children had with them in our video below.

Our Thoughts And Experiences Of The Swimways SquiDivers?

The children absolutely loved the SquiDivers. They loved throwing them in the water and grabbing them by their tails. Every time they hit the water than swam nose down to the bottom of the paddling pool.

swimways squidivers

Little E has no issues with swimming under water as she has done this since she was very young. If she was playing with the SquiDivers in deeper water I know that she would have gone under the water to collect them. This is exactly what they are designed to do. Making the thought of going underwater fun and a game.

swimways squidiversswimways squidivers

The children quickly created their own game of throwing and collecting the SquiDivers and had so much fun. If the threat of rain hadn’t stopped our paddling pool fun they would have been playing this game for hours.

swimways squidivers

I think the SquiDivers are the perfect toys for our water-loving children. I can’t wait to take them with us to the swimming pool. In the mean time I know they will give us hours of added fun in the paddling pool.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the Swimways SquiDivers for the purposes of this post and our YouTube Video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the products.

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