• Autism

    The Prompt – Age

    I don’t know if it is the Autism diagnosis or just becoming a mum, but age is something that really concerns me now. Age for me means getting older, getting older means we have less time on this planet. Which in turn means that one day we will no longer be here to look after our children. They will be left without us! It’s funny because when you are younger all you want to do is grow up and get older. I remember being so excited when it was my tenth birthday, I had finally hit double digits. Now I don’t really keep track of my age, if someone asks…

  • Autism

    The Prompt – Vacation

    Sara at Mum Turned Mom started a new linky where she will give you a prompt every week and you can link up a post inspired by her prompt. Every week I have wanted to take part but this pregnancy is really taking its toll on my blogging and my blogging time is interrupted by the need to sleep! This week her prompt is the following… This means I can write about Walt Disney World, we all know how much I love my happy place! So whilst I’m sitting here, not half asleep for the first time in months, I’m determined to join in.    After I was able to make my…

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