Teamsterz Micro Motorz REVIEW

Teamsterz Micro Motorz REVIEW

Little E loves opening collectible toys. These have mostly been aimed at young girls. This time Little E was sent something different, Teamsterz Micro Motorz. A surprise collectible toy featuring cars.

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Teamsterz Micro Motorz REVIEW

Teamsterz Micro Motorz

teamsterz micro motorz

In series 1 of the Teamsterz Micro Motorz collectibles, there are 21 cars to collect. Each Teamsterz Micro Motorz pack has three capsules to open that contain 6 surprises. This includes

  • A team sticker
  • Tuning tool and collectable leaflet
tuning tool teamsterz micro motorz
teamsterz micro motorz collectable leaflet
  • The launcher
  • An interchangeable car part to modify your car
interchangeable car parts teamsterz micro motorz
  • The display/launch capsule
launch capsule teamsterz micro motorz
car launch capsule teamsterz micro motorz
stacked launch capsules teamsterz micro motorz
These can also be stacked to display your car collection
  • And 1 Micro Motorz vehicle

The 21 cars available to collect that belong to four teams. There are cool, rare and ultra-rare cars to collect. The following cars are available in series 1

Speed Demonz

  • Alpha – Cool
  • Flash – Cool
  • Ice – Cool
  • Slick – Rare
  • Sub-Zero – Rare
  • Exile – Rare

Nitro Chargerz

  • Stinger – Cool
  • Outlaw – Cool
  • Bandit – Cool
  • Fang – Rare
  • Dynamite – Rare
  • Rebel – Rare

Hot Rodz

  • Supersonic – Cool
  • Inferno – Cool
  • Formula Zero – Cool
  • Boomer – Rare
  • Firebrand – Rare
  • Hi-Octane – Rare

Monster Treadz

  • Big Daddy – Ultra-Rare
  • Crusher – Ultra-Rare
  • Renegade – Ultra-Rare

The cars have ball-bearings in them to help them move. This gives them the perfect ability for drifting and racing when you launch them from the capsule.

car ball bearing teamsterz micro motorz

Which Cars Did We Discover Inside Our Teamsterz Micro Motorz?

Little E was sent five packs to open she found the following cars inside.

Slick Speed Demonz

slick speed demonz

Hi-Octane Hot Rodz

hi-octane hot rodz

Boomer Hot Rodz

boomer hot-rodz

Formula Zero Hot Rodz

formula zero hot-rodz

Firebrand Hot Rodz

firebrand hot-rodz

You can watch us unboxing all of our packs in the video below…

What Does Little E Love About This Range?

Little E really loved these collectible cars. She loved guessing which car she would have in her pack and the fact that she had lots of the cars from team, Hot Rodz. Little E loves that you can launch the cars from the capsules. She is also happy to display her collection in them.

What Do I Love About This Range?

I love that there is a collectible toy range that is perfect for both boys and girls. We were unsure of what the tool and the interchangeable car part did at first but after opening a few of the cars we worked it out. I found the launcher a little complicated to set up. I think your children will need a hand with this. When you have worked out how to make them they are then quite simple to put together. The instructions are included in the collector sheet. These toys are perfect to collect and swap with your friends. Series 2 will also add even more cars to the collection.

DISCLOSURE – We received the Teamsterz Micro Motorz as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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