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In The Night Garden Live – September 2011

In The Night Garden is a very weird programme, who would have know that reaching adulthood and becoming a parent you can have a full blown conversations that includes the words Pinky Ponk, Ninky Nonk, Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, to name but a few, and totally understand what was being talked about!

I tried to avoid this programme like the plague but because we only had a few children’s channels to choose from In The Night Garden always ended being on whilst I cooked the dinner. It wasn’t long before we were sucked into this world and Ethan was transfixed with Upsy Daisy.

So when we discovered that you could see this as a stage performance we knew Ethan would love it. The only dates left were at Brent Cross and Darren said he knew how to get there so we booked the cheapest tickets we could find, avoiding the meet a character experience that added another £20 to the bill!

On the morning of the show we decided that we would leave early so that we could make a day of it and look around Brent Cross shopping centre, unfortunately the traffic had other ideas and we were stuck in a very big traffic jam. Thankfully we did make it in time for the show.

In The Night Garden Live
The show is held in an inflated ‘dome’, not only do they use the stage area, they also use the ceiling of the dome as part of the production. The seating is split into two sections, premier and standard. The premier seats are the first three rows of the seating area, and a metal railing separates them form the standard area. The seating areas are more like benches, so not the most comfortable but perfect for your little ones to move about around you without being restricted. 
We had tickets for the standard area so were let in after the premier ticket holders and found ourselves a space. Doors open thirty minutes before the show starts so the earlier you get there, the more choice you have over where you sit.
Whist we waited for the show to start they were selling spinning wands for £6 which we purchased so that Ethan had something to entertain him during the wait.




Spinning and flashing things are always a success with Ethan. 
There are two different shows to choose from and as Makka Pakka would make Ethan laugh we thought that would be the best show for him to see.


In The Night Garden Live
In The Night Garden Live


The show is created using life size characters and puppets. You can see the puppeteers but they are part of the show and blend in quite well. 


In The Night Garden Live


In The Night Garden Live


In The Night Garden Live
In The Night Garden LiveIn The Night Garden Live
The show follows the format of the TV programme and it is filled with all of the songs that children know and love. I would say that it is perhaps five or ten minutes too long as the children did start to get restless but considering the dome is filled with toddlers and young children to does hold their attention very well. 
I think from this picture you can see that Ethan enjoyed it. 

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