Action Man - Give The Gift Of A Hero This Fathers Day!

Action Man – Give The Gift Of A Hero This Fathers Day!

Action Man is a favourite action figure toy for many different generations. I remember my brother having an Action Man, partly because I stole the dog that he had as part of his set! I can even recall the theme tune of the advert that played in my youth – “Action Man the greatest hero of them all!”

Action Man Give The Gift Of A Hero This Fathers Day

With the new Action Man Timeless Classic range, you can instantly transport your dad back to his childhood memories. Give the gift that lets your dad know that he is your hero!

action man timeless classic range fathers day gift

The Action Men in the Timeless Classic range also come in retro packaging. Helping your father take a trip down memory lane. There are three single figure packs available which include a Sailor, Soldier, and a Pilot. These packs have an RRP of £14.99.

action man timeless classic range action soldier
action man timeless classic range action pilot

We were sent the Soldier and Pilot for the children to give as a gift to their daddy.

action man timeless classic range darrens fathers day gifts

These action figures come complete with buzz cuts and authentic outfits. The Soldier comes wearing a desert camo, sand boots, and beret. The Sailor has on a blue sailor suit and the Pilot is ready to fly in his bright orange flight suit.

action man action figures little e ethan

Each action figure measures 30cm tall and comes with the signature Action Man dog tags.

little e action pilot

Action Man Deluxe Classic Sets

There are also three classic sets available, they have an RRP of £24.99. These sets come with extra accessories adding more to the play value. Perfect for dads and children alike.

The Action Man Deluxe Soldier comes dressed in forest green camo and has a Bergan and machine rifle at his side. The Sailor Deluxe Action Man is wearing a classic sailor suit, white hat and has a walkie talkie, binoculars and duffle bag. The Deluxe Pilot is dressed in blue with a black flight helmet, sunglasses, and back-pack.

What Do We Love About The Action Man Timeless Classic Range?

Darren really liked these figures, he thinks they make a great alternative Fathers Day gift. A great change from socks and the latest DVD’s. He loved introducing the children to the toys of his youth. They, in turn, were also very interested in the Action Men figures. They were very interested in their hats and dog tags. Little E also liked the idea of having a hero to play with.


DISCLOSURE – We were gifted Action Men from the Timeless Classic range for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products.

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