4 Things to do in London with Kids

You’ve probably started to worry about the big school holiday this summer. It’s edging closer all of the time, and for many of us, it means struggling to find childcare while we work and finding plenty of things to keep everyone occupied the rest of the time. While a few days at home with tablets and TV aren’t going to hurt anyone, and hopefully we’ll have enough sun to enjoy trips to the local park and afternoons in the garden, it’s also a good idea to have a few bigger plans in place. Things for you all to look forward to that will break the weeks up a little and help the time pass happily.

You might already have a big summer holiday booked. But, whether you have or not, have you considered a family trip to London? If you’ve never spent much time in the capital, you might not realise how child-friendly it is. Yes, it’s busy, and there is plenty for adults to enjoy without the kids. But, getting around on the tube and buses is easy enough, and there are absolutely loads of child-friendly attractions to delight the kids. Here’s a look at four of the best family-friendly activities in London, as well as a few other ideas to help you to fill your time.

See a Show

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Most of us imagine a trip to the theatre as an adult only event, but it doesn’t have to be. London shows aren’t just for grown-ups, with Shrek and Lion King in particular great for families. Have a look at what’s on. A show can be a perfect end to a busy day around the city.

Head to Hogwarts

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If you’ve got little a Harry Potter and Hermione, nothing will beat a trip to the Warner Brothers making of Harry Potter Studio Tour. It’s a little outside the capital in Watford, but there are tickets which include buses to and from Central London, and it’s certainly worth your time. You’ll get to walk along the great hall, check out Dumbledore’s office and look at some of the costumes and props. The best thing about the Harry Potter tour is that it’s not just great for kids, the adults are bound to get carried away by the magic too.

If you are looking for another Harry Potter themed day, try the Muggles Guide to London, which takes you around the locations used and made famous by the wizarding films and books.

Natural History Museum

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The Natural History Museum is perhaps one of the most famous in London, and certainly a favourite among kids. Get up close to all of the natural elements of our world, and explore some of the best beasts from throughout history. The kids will love it, and you’ll all learn loads.

Tower of London

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If you are heading to London, the Tower of London is a must. A medieval castle, once converted to a prison, before becoming a tourist attraction the tower is filled with artifacts from the history of London. A lot of the Towers history is dark and gruesome, which older kids might love, but there are also plenty of interactive exhibits to enjoy.

Other ideas for your time in London include the Sea-Life Centre, London Zoo, Madame Tussauds, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, London Transport Museum, LegoLand Windsor, London Eye, The Science Museum, and the Dungeons.

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