An Introduction To Crystal Art REVIEW

An Introduction To Crystal Art REVIEW

In January I visited the Toy Fair. Craft Buddy gave me an introduction to Crystal Art. It was something I had never seen before. They showed me how to place the crystals on an artwork. Instantly I knew it was something that I would find very relaxing. I also fell in the love with the artwork that is available to create. During the lockdown, Crystal Card Kit reached out to me. They offered to send Little E one of their Crystal Art Frameable Kits to review. They also sent me some Crystal Art Motifs sets to try.

An Introduction To Crystal Art REVIEW

Crystal Art Motifs

Crystal Art Motifs are crystal artwork stickers. You can stick them onto any craft project, card or home decor, etc. The available motifs from Crystal Card Kit measure between 8-10cm. Each one takes around twenty to twenty-five minutes to complete.

In each kit, you will find one motif and the corresponding crystals, a pick-up pen, wax, and tray.

hot air balloon crystal art set crystal art motif

I was sent the Seahorse Couple, Hot Air Balloon and Toucan motifs to try.

The Seahorse Couple Motif

seahorse couple crystal art set crystal art motifs

The seahorse couple is made up of two separate stickers, one pink and one blue. The pink seahorse uses two shades of pink crystals. The blue seahorse uses two shades of blue crystals.

seahorse couple crystal art motif

The Hot Air Balloon Motif

creating hot air balloon crystal art motifs

The hot air balloon is one sticker and uses six different crystal colours.

hot air balloon crystal art motifs

The Toucan Motif

toucan crystal art set crystal art motif

The toucan is one sticker. It uses five different colour round crystals and special gold crystals around the edge.

toucan motif

What Do I Love About The Crystal Art Motifs?

The motifs were a great introduction to crystal art. They didn’t take too long to complete and I got the full experience of using the tools to create the art. The areas to place the crystals are clearly marked with numbers and is already adhesive. The wax block is used to help the pick-up pen hold the crystals for placement.

pink seahorse complete seahorse couple

I found working on the motifs very relaxing and enjoyable. There is a clear sheet covering the adhesive areas which you can place back on if you want to take a rest. I will be treating myself to a bigger artwork to try. I’m sure it will take a longer time to complete due to its size but I know it will be worth it and look amazing.

yellow crystals toucan

DISCLOSURE – We received the Crystal Art Motifs as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products.

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  1. I have seen these type of kits before but haven’t done one myself. My teens friend loves them though. She says they’re so relaxing to do until the dog comes and knocks your crystals all over the floor. lol x

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