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Our Siblings During April 2020

April 2020 was our first full month in lockdown and the first full month our siblings had away from school. We did have every intention for Ethan to continue going to school. With Darren on Furlough, we didn’t think it was fair to keep sending him in.

I have no idea what we had planned for our siblings in April as I stopped looking at the calendar. I’m sure there were things that had to cancel.

We have been trying to get into a school routine and it worked well over the Easter holidays. We were downloading work from the Twinkl website and both children were working on something each day. When the summer term started Little E’s school started to set three pieces of work a day. We have been doing well but it has started to be a bit of a battleground with Little E. We are also finding it hard to keep up. The pressure of it all has reduced the time we all want to work on school work.

ethan little e scooters April 2020

This increase in Little E’s work has meant that Ethan isn’t getting a look in. But we have been working on his life skills. Ethan can now make himself his red juice when we prompt him.

There have been online lessons. Little E is having her ballet classes online and Ethan has a therapy lesson online. His school wasn’t sure how he would take to working on a computer with a video call but it has been quite a success.

We have made a routine of going out for a daily walk when I have finished my day’s work. I wanted to buy Ethan a new scooter for his tenth birthday but we decided they could both do with an upgrade at the start of the lockdown. The scooters have been a massive hit and the children have really enjoyed taking them out each day.

ethan little e sunny day scooters

April 2020 was definitely a different month for us all. Thankfully our siblings have taken it in their stride. There have been lots of questions about the virus. Little E is trying to understand it. Ethan has been using google maps to tell us about all the things that are closed. He has also declared he wants to go to the CBeebies Land Hotel to stay in an In The Night Garden Room.

A real highlight of this month is how Disney+ has shown us our siblings bond in a beautiful way. The children have discovered the film WALL-E. Ethan declared that Little E is Eve. At the end of the film, the robots are affectionate with each other. Ethan decided to recreate the moment with his sister.

ethan little e walle cuddles

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