Aqua Wipes – Biodegradable Baby Wipes REVIEW

Our children are no longer babies but baby wipes are still an essential part of our everyday life. We regularly still have messy meals and snotty noses to clear up. With Ethan being prone to nose bleeds it’s always handy to have a packet in my bag. We were recently asked if we would like to review Aqua Wipes. Knowing that they are biodegradable I wanted to see if they lived up to the tag line of being ‘The Kindest Baby Wipes’.

Aqua Wipes - Biodegradable Baby Wipes REVIEW

What Makes Aqua Wipes Different From Other Baby Wipes?

Aqua Wipes are fully biodegradable baby wipes which is fantastic news for our environment. They contain more that 99% purified water and an organic aloe vera extract formulation. Use zero plastic based materials and are also suitable for newborns. This means they can be part of your baby kit from day one.

They are also registered with the Vegan Society and are used by our very own National Health Service. There can’t be no better recommendation than that!

Aqua Wipes also come in a verity of different pack sizes which include

  • Re-sealable pack of 64 wipes
  • Value bag containing 4 packs of 64 wipes
  • Value box containing 12 packs of 64 wipes
  • Re-sealable travel pack of 12 wipes
  • Value pack containing 12 packs of 12 wipes

aqua wipes baby wipes

Do We Love Aqua Wipes?

We put our Aqua Wipes to the ultimate test. We took them to a family day out at the seaside. They helped us clean sandy hands and feet and messy mouths from a messy lunch. Our little lady who loves to clean anything and everything didn’t have any complaints of her new wipes.

I love how thick these wipes feel. There can be some very messy moments with newborns and you need to know your wipes wont fail you when you need them most. They are also incredibly soft which if perfect for our little ones skin.

What I really love are the travel size packs. You get used to having to carry around a baby changing bag when you have a newborn. Sometimes you feel like you are packing everything you own, even the kitchen sink. As your child gets older you might be lucky to get liberated from the changing bag. The travel size packs are the perfect size for your handbag, or toddlers back pack. I would happily carry them in my bag even if I was on a child free outing.

Visit the Aqua Wipes website for more information and the full story behind the brand. You can purchase Aqua Wipes on amazon by clicking the link below. Please note this is an Amazon Affiliate link*.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted Aqua Wipes for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the products. *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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