little e playing treehouse rocking horse seesaw carousel baby born surprise treehouse

BABY born Surprise Treehouse REVIEW

Little E loves the BABY born Surprise range. When we first opened the dolls we both said it would be great if they got their own accessories. It didn’t take long before the BABY born Surprise Baby Bottle House was released. This was the cause of much excitement as the babies now had a home. When Little E was asked to review Series 4 she spotted the BABY born Surprise Treehouse. A new playset for the BABY born Surprise range.

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BABY born Surprise Treehouse REVIEW

The BABY born Surprise Treehouse

Inside this BABY born Surprise play-set, you will discover an amazing fun park. Opening the treehouse will reveal swings, a big wheel, and a rainbow slide.

little e baby born surprise treehouse

There is also a rocking horse, a seesaw and a carousel to play on.

little e playing treehouse rocking horse seesaw carousel baby born surprise treehouse
open treehouse playset baby born surprise treehouse

If you love water, there is even a flower shower which is activated with the frog pump.

flower shower frog pump baby born surprise treehouse
washing baby flower shower baby born surprise treehouse

This BABY born Surprise set comes with an exclusive BABY born Surprise doll. She is wearing a purple bodysuit and has glittery pink and orange butterfly wings.

exclusive baby born surprise butterfly doll baby born surprise treehouse

When the babies are ready for bed they can take the lift to the top of the treehouse. At the top, there are compartments for the babies to sleep in.

lift rainbow slide baby born surprise treehouse

Revealing The BABY born Doll Surprises

Just like the other BABY born Surprise dolls you have to reveal the butterfly dolls’ surprises too. There is a pink baby bottle included in the accessories so you already know that your baby is a girl. Little E was pleased to discover that the baby had blue/green eyes.

baby born surprise butterfly doll blue eyes

This baby had a glitter-covered nappy. Little E was very impressed as she has never seen a glittery nappy before.

glitter covered nappy

When wet the inside of the nappy reveals pink and purple flowers on lily pads.

pink purple lilly pads nappy

What Does Little E Love About The BABY born Surprise Treehouse?

Little E was so excited to open this new BABY born Surprise playset. She loves the Baby Bottle House* and couldn’t want to see what the treehouse held inside.

little e placing doll swing

She wasn’t expecting to find a playground inside. Little E loves the rainbow slide, the swings, and the pink rocking horse. The big wheel reminds her of the It’s A Small World ride at Disney. She loved letting her doll play in the playground.

little e baby doll pink rocking horse

There was much excitement about the doll being a butterfly. Little E wondered if her wings would actually flap. Attached to the wings is a ribbon which makes it possible for the doll to fly.

little e flying baby butterfly doll

The video below shows Little E opening the treehouse and her first reactions to this new play-set.

What Do I Love About The BABY born Surprise Treehouse?

I think this playset is better than the Baby Bottle House. If you have lots of BABY born Surprise dolls there are more accessories for them to interact with. There is a plug in the base of the flower shower. This makes it easy for the water to empty out when you have finished playing. The set also folds up neatly when you need to put it away. All the accessories can fit inside too. I love that Little E was able to add this paly-set to her collection. I’m sure any BABY born Surprise fan would love to add it to their collection.

DISCLOSURE – We received the BABY born Surprise Treehouse as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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