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Bedtime Routines With BABY born and iChild // AD

Routines are important for children, and us adults too. The one that I would consider the most important for children is bedtime routines. These routines should help with a good night’s sleep. We all know how important it is to get as much sleep as you can when you have a busy family life!

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Bedtime Routines With BABY born and iChild

iChild Printable Routine Resources

iChild creates high-quality resources that help support your child’s education, development, and creativity. Working with BABY born iChild have created educational resources to promote routines for your children. They focus on personal hygiene, bath, and bedtime routines. On the website, you will discover helpful guides, visuals, and reward chats. There are even certificates of achievement to present to your children. A complete printable resource supporting the promotion and importance of routines.

Learning Through Play With The BABY born Accessories

Children will always learn through play even if they don’t know they are. BABY born has some fantastic accessories that will help children learn routines through play.

Taking Care of Someone Else

BABY born soft-touch doll’s come with everything you need to look after them. Food, nappies, and even a potty. iChild has created an informative guide to help you care for your baby doll. Helping children understand how they need to care for someone else.

baby born soft touch doll baby boy

Learning About Hygiene

There are some great BABY born accessories that promote hygiene through play. The BABY born Bath Toothcare Spa will teach children the importance of brushing teeth.

baby born bath toothcare spa

The BABY born bathtub will bring children hours of bath-time fun with their doll. The iChild Washing & Toilet Training – Lesson Plan supports children to develop their washing and toilet skills.

little e washing baby born brother baby born bathtub

Toilet Training

The new BABY born Poo-Poo Toilet can now bring toilet training into play. With fun sounds and even rainbow poop toilet training your doll is lots of fun. iChilds BABY born toilet training reward chart adds fun when your children are learning this skill.

little e baby born poo poo toilet

Bedtime Routines

There are lots of lovely accessories to create bedtime routines form BABY born. You can buy a bed for your doll* as well as a deluxe good night set which Little E was sent for her dolls.

little e baby born bath deluxe good night set

iChild has created a bedtime routine activity sheet as well as bedtime cards. The cards work as perfect visuals to help put a good bedtime routine in place.

All BABY born accessories are also suitable for the BABY born brother and sister.

little e hair styling baby born soft touch sister
little e baby born soft touch brother

The full range of BABY born accessories can be found over on the BABY born website.

DISCLOSURE – We received the BABY born products photographed in this post as a gift. This was for the purposes of our posts and to create our YouTube videos. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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