Blog Everyday August – Day 1 – Greatest Achievement

As I was nosing on twitter last night I discovered that some of my blogging friends are taking part in a challenge that Sarah over at Yummy Mummy in Training has set for herself. She has set herself prompts to blog about everyday during the month of August, I thought that these prompts would be a good way for all of my twitter friends to get to know me a little better.

Now I know what your thinking, I haven’t done very well in this task so far but the time that I found out about this challenge was about the same time that Darren needed to go to bed. Anyone that knows Darren will know that this means lights are turned off around you and it’s time to all go to sleep. He has to get up early to go to work so this is a bit of a running joke so I’m starting my challenge on the 2nd. Lets hope I can keep up for the rest of the month!

My Greatest Achievement

Now if I was telling you what my greatest achievement was four years ago I’m sure I would have said something work related but now, without a doubt my greatest achievement is becoming a mum.

Ethan has turned my world upside down, he has pushed me in directions I never thought possible and he has taught me so much about myself. No one ever said that becoming a parent is easy and I know that we face some challenges others wouldn’t, but I wouldn’t change my boy for the world.

I have always said Ethan was sent to us for a reason, I just hope we make him proud.

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