Ethan’s Sensory Garden #KidsGrowWild

When BritMums’ sent the email asking who would like to take part in the #KidsGrowWild gardening challenge in conjunction with I knew this would be something that Darren would enjoy. You see I’m not a garden person, I suffer from hay-fever and I used to try to avoid the garden as much as possible. I’m also not very good at keeping plants or flowers and my mum has rescued many plants from our house that are on their last legs!

When Ethan came along my avoidance of outside spaces changed and I vowed that I would get him a garden to play in, our previous outside space wasn’t very Ethan friendly!

After what felt like a miracle my dream came true and on Christmas Eve 2011 this became our official outside space, our own little garden.


So with the arrival of the children’s gardening starter kit and seeds we thought it was time to make a mark on our little garden. 
First things first it was time to head to our local garden centre to purchase soil for the seeds, as you can see Ethan enjoyed our trip there. 
Back in our garden on a sunny Sunday afternoon we got everything ready to plant our seeds.
Ethan helped me prepare the soil for the seeds.
Plant the seeds…


…and water them.


With the seeds soundly sleeping in their soil beds we looked around and thought what could we do to get Ethan more involved in the garden. He loves being outside but he doesn’t know what to do with the space so we decided that we would create a sensory garden for him.   
We picked a corner of the garden and decided that we would fill Ethan’s area with slate as he likes the sensation under his feet, I have to drag him out of many a front garden because he is off walking on the stones!


With Darren’s job done and Ethan giving his approval…
…it was time for me to complete his garden. I had been out and picked up lots of shinning spinning things that I knew Ethan would love. 


What was really nice was that we set this up for Ethan whilst he was having his afternoon nap so he woke up to his completed garden. We captured the reveal on video.
Ethan’s sensory garden is a hit, he spends time looking at it everyday. 


What has become of our little seeds? I’m very pleased to say that they are growing. We did have a slight incident when a bird decided that our sunflowers were going to be his breakfast, which I was absolutely devastated at but our little sunflowers are fighters!




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    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you, he really does enjoy his little garden and it’s so nice giving him an area to aim for :0)

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