Blog Everyday August – Day 10 – How are you today?

I’m a day late with this Blog Everyday post as yesterday we took Ethan to see his Nana and Pappy. 

So in answer to the question ‘How Are You TodayYesterday?’ my answer is tired!

Tired because Ethan had a great day that he promptly fell asleep in the car for the journey home and then wouldn’t go to sleep until gone midnight. This led to a very stressful evening of crying and screaming. Yes, Ethan has discovered a high pitch scream and this was used, I just hope he didn’t wake the neighbours. Tired because it always tires me out when visiting people, Even more so now that Ethan is always on the move and I always feel on edge watching his every move. Surprisingly Ethan wasn’t as bad today as he had lots of fun in the garden, therefore meaning we didn’t have to keep telling him to leave the doors alone! Tired because I hadn’t felt well for the past two days and I was wiped out. To be honest since having Ethan I have always felt tired, I think its just all part of the job, but I was so glad when I was finally able to fall into bed. 

If you could ask Ethan this question I’m sure he would tell you he had a great day. He got to walk along the seafront, and had a ride on the merry go round. He also got to have fun running around in the garden chasing bubbles. A perfect day for Ethan. 


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