Blog Everyday August – Day 17 – Wishlist

A Wishlist?

How my wishlist’s have changed over these past years! If I was given three wishes I wouldn’t hesitate to wish for speech for Ethan, for him to be high functioning, and to be able to live independently when he is older and therefore have a job. Is that possibly four wishes there? I’m not sure!

I have asked Darren what’s on his wishlist and he said he wants to win the lottery which will therefore mean he can give up work. 

As I’m sure a genie isn’t going to pop out of a lamp anytime soon, I see a wishlist as more of a list of goals we want to work towards. 

At this point in time I have the following things on my wishlist

  • Paying off our loan
  • A car for me
  • A better car for Darren, one that can get more miles to the gallon
  • Paying off our mortgage
  • A ten year wedding anniversary trip to Walt Disney World. Including a trip to Universal, can you believe Darren has visited Florida three times and has never been! 
  • A trip to Las Vegas
  • A trip to New York
I’m sure it will take a few years to cross all of the items off of our list but I think we have enough to work on for now. 

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