Blog Everyday August – Day 23 – 5 Favourite Blogs

Five favourite blogs?! This is a tough question as there are so many blogs out there and so many that I enjoying reading, and I’m discovering news ones all the time by running my weekly linky so I think the blogs that I will list here are the ones that have made an impact to me on the journey of blogging that I am taking. 

Here it goes… 

1. Keep Up With The Jones Family. The lovely Sara is someone I met whilst planning our wedding, she has been there through all of my ups and downs over the past seven-ish years and I class her as a very good friend. We have met each other once and I really hope we will be able to get together again at some point in the future. Sara introduced me to the world of blogging as she started her blog when her son was born. I love following her journey with her family and can’t wait to read all about her upcoming Disney trip.  

2. I’m cheating with this one a bit as number two is really the linkys I love. 

The Oliver’s Madhouse. I stumbled across Jamie’s blog when I stopped working in April and I started to join in her Magic Moment’s linky. I love the fact that Jamie wants you to look at your everyday life and see the magic. I try to take part in her linky every week, but sometimes life gets in the way. 

Vevivos – Verily, Victoria, Vocalises. Victoria runs the Post, Comment, Love linky, I think I found her blog through Jamie. We all link up posts that need a little bit more love each week. I love to read what her family get up to and she also gives me some great advice if ever I need it.    

Coombe Mill. Fiona runs the Country Kids linky, I love taking part in this linky as to join in I have to do something fun outside. This gets us out of the house and I aim to take part each week, I have no idea what we will do in the winter but I’m sure she will give me some ideas. Fiona’s farm also looks fantastic and I really hope we get to take Ethan there at some point in the future.  

3. Autism Mumma. When I embraced the world of twitter I found Jeannette’s blog, I wanted to read a blog by someone who wasn’t new to the world of autism, who I hoped would be able to give me advice. She is amazing and has been an inspiration to me. I was lucky enough to meet her and her family at the Cabbage Patch Kid’s 30th Birthday Party, I hope we bump into each other again soon. 

4. Orli, Just Breathe. I bumped into Orli on twitter and invited her to join my Small Steps Amazing Achievements linky. We are becoming good friends on twitter and Orli is helping me let off steam, via the blog, when it is needed. I love they way Orli writes her blog, I wish I could be as honest as she is sometimes. We are both going to Blog Fest in November and I really hope we will get the chance to catch up. 

5. Premmeditations. Another lovely twitter friend, I think we first met via the linky. Her journey with her little boy is one of courage and determination, I have no idea how she does it. I can really connect to the posts she writes even though our journeys are so different. 

I know I’m only meant to pick five blogs and I have already cheated, but I can’t forget to mention My Life As A Mummy. Laura is my first official twitter friend, we met pretty soon after I joined and we started to email each other for advice about our little guys. She encouraged me to start my linky and held my hand through the process. Laura is now expecting baby number two so she has had to slow the blog down a little bit, I can’t wait to see her new little bundle of joy. 

So there you have it my Five Eight favourite blogs!   

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  1. Awww, thank you so much for the mention lovely. I am so pleased that PoCoLo is helpful to you. I think your blog is fab and a great read. I also happen to think that Ethan is one of the cutest kids EVER. Keep up the great work xx

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