Blume Baby Pop REVIEW

Blume Baby Pop REVIEW

Earlier in the year, Little E was sent Blume Dolls to review. Being that she loves flowers and Blume Dolls really do blume when you water them they were an instant hit. Today Blume Dolls are launching a new collectible range, Blume Baby Pop. They will be available to buy in your local Tescos but Little E has been very lucky as she was sent a box last week so she could have a sneak peek at the new range.

Blume Baby Pop REVIEW

The Blume Baby Pop Range

The Blume Babies come in their very own flower planter containing five flower sprouts. With three babies guaranteed in each flower planter, you must ‘pop’ the sprouts to discover who you have inside.

little e popping sprouts blume baby pop

There are over 50 babies to collect and each planter contains 25 surprises.

blume baby pop flower planter

Not only does the Blume Baby Pop flower planter contain lots of surprises it also doubles as a playset for your babies. At the bottom of the planter, you will discover a nursery.

unicorn themed nursery blume baby pop

The top also transforms into a swimming pool with a slide. In this swimming pool, you can discover if your baby is wearing a blue or pink nappy.

flower planter swimming pool blume baby pop

Who Did We Find Inside Our Flower Sprouts?

Little E was very lucky as our sprouts contained four babies. There are three ranges of collectible babies you can discover the Adorable, the Rare and the Super Rare. There are also six baby moods, Curious, Dreamy, Crying, Winky, Happy and Poopy. Little E discovered three Adorable babies and one Super Rare. She had two happy babies and two poopy babies.

pink ice cream adorable happy baby blume baby pop
white cloud purple star adorable poopy baby blume baby pop
pink flower purple curls adorable poopy baby blume baby pop
heart ice cream super rare happy baby blume baby pop

The Other Flower Planter Surprises

In Little E’s fifth flower sprout there were baby supplies, baby wipes, a pretzel and baby food in a jar.

baby wipes
baby food jar

In the nursery, there is a box containing a baby shower gift. Little E’s contained a pink and blue stroller.


You can watch our unboxing video below.

After we filmed our unboxing video we discovered more secret compartments in the nursery. Under the bed and the bath, there were more surprises. Little E has a lamb cozy costume and three snuggle buddies.

What Does Little E Love About The Blume Baby Pop Range?

Little E loves the flower concept of the Blume Baby Pop collectibles. She found them easy to pop and loved discovering all of the surprises inside.

blume baby pop flower sprouts

She also loves the water play that is included in this set. Not only could she reveal if her babies were wearing blue or pink nappies. Little E could also have a pool party with the Blume babies.

little e blume baby pop babies swimming pool
little e blume baby pop babies

What Do I Love About The Blume Baby Pop Range?

I love that every part of this set can be kept and played with. There is nothing that needs to be thrown away, everything has a use or play value.

pink flower purple curls baby flower sprouts

I also couldn’t believe the number of surprises included in the Blume Baby Pop set. This set is going to make the perfect gift for some of Little E’s school friends. I also know that Little E will want to add to her collection of Blume Babies.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the Blume Baby Pop set for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products.

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