Kitty Bitty Game REVIEW

Kitty Bitty Game REVIEW

It isn’t a secret that Little E loves cats. It is her obsession that we have all embraced that started with our cats. Coiledspring Games asked us if we would like to review one of their items and I spotted the game Kitty Bitty. A memory game based around cats that I knew our little lady would love.

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Kitty Bitty Game REVIEW

Kitty Bitty

Kitty Bitty is a lovely wooden game that can help to reinforce visual perception, memory, and social play skills. The itty-bitty kitties should be napping, but they just want to play! You must help them jump, bat the yarn balls around and race to their basket without catching a look from the watchful eyes of the mummy cats.

kitty bitty game

What Will You Find Inside The Box?

  • 4 Kittens
  • 2 Coloured Dice
wooden kittens coloured dice kitty bitty game
  • 9 Mummy Cats with 18 Cat Eyes
wooden mummy cat faces wooden eyes kitty bitty game
  • 1 Cat Basket
  • 10 Yarn Balls
wooden cat basket yarn balls

Setting Up Kitty Bitty

To play Kitty Bitty you must set up the game. The first thing that must be done is to place two eyes in every mummy cat. One eye must have a blank bottom and the other eye must have a kitten printed on it. When this is done mix the mummy cats up so no one remembers which eyes have been placed where.

kitty bitty game set up

Place the cat basket and yarn balls around the mummy cats. The cat basket marks the starting and ending point of the kitten race. Each player must choose a coloured kitten and place it on the cat basket.

game starting point

Each player must take it, in turns, to roll the coloured die and find the mummy cat that matches the colours on the dice they have thrown. They must then pick one of the two cat eyes to lift.

If your cat-eye has a cat printed on the bottom of it your kitten has been caught and can’t move forward. If the bottom of the cat-eye is blank your kitten can move forward to the next ball of yarn.

blank cat eye

The first kitten who makes it back to the cat basket wins the game.

Playing Kitty Bitty With Little E

Little E was thrilled to have a cat game to play. She loved the little wooden kittens and played with them whilst I set up the game.

little e kitty bitty game review

Little E found the gameplay and rules easy to understand. With just two of us, it was quite a quick game to play together so it easily held her attention. She was very lucky with finding the blank cat-eyes but I might have detected a little bit of cheating as her kitten got closer to winning the game.

What Do I Love About Kitty Bitty

I love that this is a wooden game, it is good quality and will last for years as a family favourite. Kitty Bitty is a very simple game to play but it does work on your colour recognition and memory skills. This makes it great for younger children. It is also a game that Ethan will be able to play with us. So this game really is perfect for both of our children.


DISCLOSURE – We were gifted Kitty Bitty for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of products.

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