Me & Mine

Me & Mine December 2014

This month we have made two attempts to take our me and mine photos. This first was on Christmas eve taken by my mum, Darren looked very moody and Ethan wouldn’t look at the camera. The second attempt was taken yesterday by Grandma during our Christmas visit. Here are the results. I have realised that […]

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Me & Mine November 2014

This months me and mine photo was taken yesterday. I have been keeping an eye on the dates to make sure we took a photo but we just haven’t found the time to ask my parents to take one of us. This meant that I set the camera up on it’s tripod and used the

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Me & Mine November 2014

Me & Mine October 2014

When Ethan was born we took photos of him and us every time he moved. We haven’t found this as easy with Little E and I’m very conscious of the lack of photos being taken. Everyday life and meeting Ethan’s needs get in the way of all the photo opportunities. I have loved joining in

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