Me & Mine December 2014

This month we have made two attempts to take our me and mine photos. This first was on Christmas eve taken by my mum, Darren looked very moody and Ethan wouldn’t look at the camera.

The second attempt was taken yesterday by Grandma during our Christmas visit. Here are the results.


Me & Mine December 2014

I have realised that all of our photos taken so far have been sitting down shots. I would love to be more creative but I’m sure that will be able to happen when Little E is more mobile. The fact that we are able to keep Ethan still long enough for a photo is an achievement in itself!

This month I’m pleased to say that Christmas is over. It brought lots of sensory overload for Ethan, which meant lots of stimming. I’m hoping that when the Christmas decorations come down he will feel more settled.

We did do lots of lovely Christmas activities, we visited Lapland UK and Father Christmas at Colchester Zoo. Ethan took part in his nursery nativity and even had a part which was a fantastic highlight for us.

To be honest as much stress as Christmas brings to our house Ethan has done really well in terms of progress which deserves its own post.

Little E has really been enjoying food. It has been a different experience starting the weaning process with her, but she now eats three times a day and loves breakfast. We are still in the first tastes stage, by next month she will start to experience lots of new foods.

Darren experienced working over Christmas for the first time this month. It was strange not having him here on Christmas morning but he was home by lunch time so he didn’t miss the whole day. This did mean we experienced our first Christmas eve spent together without working and we went to see a Christmas panto for the first time.

I enjoyed everything we did this month as a family. I’m really looking forward to welcoming in the New Year and getting back into a routine.

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10 thoughts on “Me & Mine December 2014”

  1. Awww, these photos are so sweet. It is tricky gettin family snaps with a baby, I promise you’ll find it easier once Little E is a bit bigger and able to sit and stand a bit. When we started Me and Mine the littlest was three months and we were much more restricted than we are now that both kiddos are on the move. So you have that to look forward to… although I often think that it was easier when the children were a bit more still!!! 😉 X

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you. I’m also hoping that the summer months might also make it a bit easier to take photos when out and about. Thanks for hosting a lovely linky x

  2. Lovely photos for this month. Hope Ethan is more settled once the decorations are down although glad that Ethan is progressing well and that Little E is enjoying her first tastes of food. I too am looking forward to getting back into a routine! Loving your new blog design, looks great and such lovely pictures on your header. Wishing you and your family all the very best for 2015 🙂

  3. Oh I’m so glad Ethan got through Christmas OK, I know you were worried about it. And yay for Grandma for getting everyone to smile – you all look so happy in these shots!

  4. Ethan has such a wonderful smile, hasn’t he? What a handsome boy he is!

    We have twins a touch younger than Little E, and they definitely limit us as far as family photographs go. All of ours thus far have been outside (for nicer light) with us standing (because outside, and mud), babies and sometimes dog in arms. It gets a little dull. We’re looking forward to the nicer weather when we can hopefully jazz it up a bit – and even better, babies being able to SIT UP FOR THEMSELVES – but until then, we’re considering it a success if nobody cries!

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you. Yes photos with babies (and a little boy that doesn’t like to site still) are very hard. I’m hoping we can get more creative as the year goes on x

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