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    Harry Potter Stocking Filler Ideas GIVEAWAY // AD

    gringotts coin purse bank gringotts harry potter stocking filler ideas

    I was contacted by Paladone to feature some of their Harry Potter items over on our YouTube channel. They gave me a budget of £30 to spend. Being a fan of Harry Potter I couldn’t wait to see the items they had available. I thought I would look for Harry Potter stocking filler ideas and give my readers the chance to win the items I choose. Harry Potter Stocking Filler Ideas I picked the following six items from the Paladone Harry Potter range that I think would make perfect stocking fillers. A Hogwarts Travel Card Holder A Harry Potter Charm Key Ring Harry Potter Wand Pen Wingardium Leviosa and Lumos…

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    Maisie Daisy: Strawberry Fayre Book REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

    maisie daisy strawberry fayre book

    Maisie Daisy: Strawberry Fayre is a book about friendship, fun and a little bit of fairy dust! We have two copies of the book to give away. Maisie Daisy: Strawberry Fayre Maisie Daisy is a sweet-matured little girl, she brings warmth and happiness wherever she goes. Maisie Daisy encourages outdoor activities with her friends. In Strawberry Fayre visit Berry Lane with Maisie Daisy and her friends to pick some delicious strawberries. The friends decide to make strawberry jam to sell at the local village fayre the next day. Speaking about her debut children’s book, Elizabeth Willdon Bas, says “My inspiration for this book stems from childhood memories of daisies in…

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    Na Gàidheil Book REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

    na gaidheil book

    Catrìona Zappert has created an illustrated book to introduce children to Scottish Gaelic – The Gales. We have two copies of the book Na Gàidheil to give away. Na Gàidheil Catrìona Zappert spotted a gap in the market and created Na Gàidheil for children, parents, teachers and adults alike to help teach them basic Gaelic words. She hopes passing on this skill will give back to the next generation. Catrìona explains Gaelic is in her blood… “As my great grandparents on the Finlayson side were Gales and on my mother’s side too. Some of the Drummonds were also Gaelic speakers so I feel very strongly about learning and teaching the…

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    Noelle’s Forever Friends Book REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

    noelles forever friends book

    Author Nancy Jane hopes that her book Noelle’s Forever Friends will encourage young children to recognise that differences are good. The message Nancy Jane wants to spread is that ‘We are all different, but all the same’. We have two copies of the book to Noelle’s Forever Friends to give away. Noelle’s Forever Friends Whilst pregnant with her first child Nancy Jane was inspired by a poem written by Dorothy Nolte. Now a grandmother she longs to see her grandchildren brought up dismissive of society’s prejudices. Using her cute story Nancy Jane is keen to teach these important lessons. “Children need to see each other as protectors, friends and to…

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    BABY Born Feeding Chair GIVEAWAY

    baby born feeding chair

    Little E has really enjoyed reviewing BABY Born products and we will have some more reviews on the blog soon. Whilst we are working on those we have now teamed up with BABY Born to offer our readers the chance to win a BABY Born Feeding Chair. BABY Born Feeding Chair BABY born continues to celebrate and harness children’s imagination with a host of new themes and dolls joining the ever-popular range, including fun play patterns that inspire adventure from a young age. The BABY born Table Feeding Chair encourages children to discover a limitless world of creative play and allows BABY born to enjoy their food next to Mummy or Daddy!  The chair can be screwed down…

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