• little e playing pokémon carry case playset
    Toy Review

    Pokémon Carry Case Playset REVIEW

    The children haven’t watched many Pokémon episodes but they know who Pikachu is. They find lots of videos of him on YouTube. We also had lots of fun playing Pokémon GO together the summer the game was released. Little E was…

  • little e playmobil magic mermaids range
    Toy Review

    Discovering Playmobil Magic Mermaids REVIEW

    Little E’s love for Playmobil started with our unboxing of their Christmas Advent Calendars. We love the small details that the Playmobil toys include. Playmobil sent me their Back to the Future DeLorean to review and during the summer holidays, Little…

  • coding jam band music learn coding with osmo review
    Toy Review

    Learn Coding With OSMO REVIEW

    Little E has been very lucky this year as OSMO has been helping her with her learning journey. She got the chance to review the OSMO Genius Kit and the Creative Starter Kit for our iPad. We love OSMO’s home learning…

  • little e baby born surprise series 4
    Toy Review

    BABY born Surprise Series 4 REVIEW

    When Little E reviewed the BABY born Surprise Series 3 dolls we saw a different range that was coming soon. This was a BABY born Surprise Garden range. Little E was very excited about this as she loves gardens and flowers…

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