little e completed cookie design cookie decorating osmo masterpiece

Cookie Decorating with OSMO Masterpiece // AD

OSMO sent Little E another item from their range to review, the Super Studio Disney Princess Game. As well as this great gift they set Little E a challenge to decorate cookies using the OSMO Masterpiece game.

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Cookie Decorating with OSMO Masterpiece

The OSMO Masterpiece App

We were introduced to the Masterpiece app in the OSMO Genius Kit. This app helps you draw anything and everything. Play the game by placing white paper in-front of the OSMO play area. We placed our cookies in this area to decorate them. In this area, you draw freely to make your own creations or use the templates for ideas.

little e masterpiece gallery osmo creative starter kit
owl artwork masterpiece osmo creative starter kit

Decorating Cookies With OSMO Masterpiece

Little E was very excited about decorating cookies. I had brought her lots of cake decorating items for her cookies.

little e cake decorating items cookie decorating osmo masterpiece

She looked through all the Masterpiece templates and picked a flower design. I did try to get her to make a Christmas design but the flower choice won!

little e drawing icing flower on cookie

With the white chocolate, Little E drew the flower on her cookie using the Masterpiece App. Out of all the cake decorating items she picked the hundreds and thousands to decorate her flower.

little e decorating cooking with hundreds and thousands cookie decorating osmo masterpiece

Little E was very proud of her cookie decorating.

little e completed cookie design cookie decorating osmo masterpiece

I even took a turn decorating a cookie using the Masterpiece app. I used it to decorate my cookie with a seahorse.

seahorse decorated cookie

You can watch us decorating our cookies in the video below.

What Is OSMO?

OSMO is an iPad and Amazon Fire tablet accessory that gives you hands-on learning. OSMO achieves this with games that use objects in the real world. These objects interact with the digital world shown on the screen. OSMO really is an amazing learning experience and there are so many different games available. We have been lucky enough to review the OSMO Coding Starter Kit, the OSMO Creative Starter Kit, and the OSMO Genius Kit. The links below are just some of the sets available in the OSMO collection*.


Which Devices Are Compatible With OSMO?

To use OSMO you need a compatible device. OSMO works with most iPads and Amazon Fire tablets. The OSMO Frequently Asked Questions page lists all of the available compatible devices.

You can purchase iPad’s from many online stores including AGROS*,*, and Very*. Amazon Fire tablets are available to purchase online at Amazon*.


PLEASE NOTE Compatible devices do not come in the OSMO sets. You must purchase one separately.

DISCLOSURE – We received the OSMO Kits as gifts. This was for the purposes of our posts and to create our YouTube videos. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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