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    Siblings March 2019

    siblings mar 19

    Suddenly we are in April and I haven’t written my March siblings post! March really has flown past in a whirl of the school and work routine. This month Darren has had to work most Saturdays. This means I try to keep our Sunday’s as down days so he can rest. This month we were invited to review a kite. Flying a kite was on my family bucket list and something we had yet to experience. Unbeknown to me Darren had never flown a kite either. We had so much fun flying our kite. I can’t wait to do it again. The children loved it and they worked together to…

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    Siblings February 2019

    I’m very late writing my post for our siblings in February as we are now well and truly into March. Like normal our February was full of illness. This year Little E was hit the worst. She picked up Darren’s viral infection and over the course of three weeks she had five days of off school. This meant I only captured this photo of our siblings together on a foggy school run. I did get the chance to make up for the lack on photos on their half-term holiday. Considering the majority of February was spent fighting illness we did really have a great half-term together. Darren had the time…

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    Siblings January 2019

    Another year has started and another year for me to share photos of our siblings. 2018 ended on a really nice high. We took the children to lots of Christmas activities and it was a really run up to Christmas day. We had a good Christmas day and I think Little E being a little bit older really made a difference to our enjoyment. Our siblings are still in a really good place with each other. Little E adores her brother and craves his attention. There are moments when she asks why he doesn’t talk to her or stops playing games with her. But there are also moments where she…

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    Our Siblings In 2018

    I do love writing my siblings post every month. It gives me the time to reflect on what we have done as a family. And how our siblings are interacting with each other. Giving Ethan a sibling was one of the biggest decisions we ever had to make. It has been a very interesting journey becoming a family of four. But I will always say that giving Ethan the gift of a sister was the best thing we could ever do for him. I thought today would be the perfect day to look back at our siblings in 2018.  In January it was all about the scooters they had for…

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    Siblings December 2018

    This month has been such a lovely run up to Christmas. Ethan is in a place where his understanding is greater but his little sister has made it even more magical for us. Advent calendars were finally opened on the correct day, she didn’t let us forget, and we also had quite a few Christmas themed adventures with our siblings. We shared lots of these over on our YouTube channel in our VlogMas videos. This month we watched Little E in her school nativity. I was worried how she would react to all the people watching her but she did so well. It only feels like she started school a…

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