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Our Siblings During February 2022

Our siblings were able to go on an adventure in February 2022. We had booked a holiday with my brother and his family at Woburn Forest Center Parcs. We had kept it a secret from our siblings. In the world of covid, we could never be totally sure the break would take place. Thankfully it did and it was nice the be able to get away and have a mini family reunion. Catching up and creating memories.

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Even though we did get away as a family I didn’t actually take that many photos of our siblings together in February 2022. I think this is partly because I was enjoying my break. Having some downtime from tech but also because I booked some activities for just me and Little E to attend. She has been craving some alone time with us as Ethan being unsettled does take over.

ethan little e scooters light arch bridge center parcs woburn forest February 2022

Apart from our trip to Center Parcs February was quite a quiet month for our siblings. It was full of our normal weekly routines of after school clubs, swimming and dancing lessons. At school, Little E has been enjoying learning about Egypt. She has been talking about the project letting us know all about it. She very rarely talks to us about school work. We are hoping to visit The British Museum in the future so that she can see some of the items she has been learning about.

I did hope our trip to Center Parcs would help settle Ethan a bit. At points, it made his autistic traits a bit worse. I think this might have been down to excitement. He did calm down a little bit on our return and his traits did change. He was starting to throw again and we had some swearing but we have moved on to different things now. Ethan does keep asking if we can go on adventures on the weekends. Let’s hope spring will bring warmer weather and our siblings can get out and about a bit more.

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