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Our Siblings During March 2022

March 2022 started with a World Book Day for our siblings. Little E’s school took a different approach this year. They didn’t want the parents to have the pressure of paying for costumes. So the children were asked to bring in their favourite book. Of course, Little E’s choice was cats! Ethan’s school still went down the dressing up route. Ethan wanted to be Harry Potter but I must admit we have never read any of the books to him. But he knows Harry Potter because of our love of watching the films. He also really enjoyed our visits to the Wizarding World in Universal Studios and the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.

little e holding cat book ethan dressed harry potter

We also got the chance to start exploring more with our siblings in March 2022. Winning a ticket with Sky to become National Trust members for the day. We used it to visit Sutton Hoo. It was a lovely place to visit and watching the film The Dig before our visit really enhanced our time there.

ethan little e looking royal burial ground viewing tower sutton hoo

We also got the chance to take our siblings to London. Being given the chance to review The Van Gogh Immersive Experience as well as The Titanic Exhibition. We thought that Ethan would love Van Gogh’s projections and struggle with the Titanic audio tour. He actually embraced the audio tour making the visit very easy for him. Little E also unexpectedly fell in love with Van Gogh’s artwork. It was such a surprise visit to London for so many reasons. We must make more visits to London with our siblings as they both really enjoy them.

ethan little e bronze elephant spitalfields market

Unfourntally covid caught up with Little E in March. She wasn’t too poorly with it, mainly just going off of her food for a few days. But she showed positive on the lateral flow tests for days. I think it was about ten days in the end. This meant she had just under two weeks off of school. We stayed at home during this time and thankfully no one else caught it.

ethan little e standing under two unbrellas March 2022

Our siblings were able to get out and about again on Mother’s Day. So for a treat, we visited the new Upside Down House in Clacton on Sea. The children loved their visit but I found it made my motion sickness start to kick in. It is a very weird feeling. We did however have lots of fun taking many different photos. Even though covid disrupted our March our siblings were still able to go on quite a few adventures.

ethan little e outside upside down house clacton-on-sea March 2022

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