little e playmobil magic mermaids range

Discovering Playmobil Magic Mermaids REVIEW

Little E’s love for Playmobil started with our unboxing of their Christmas Advent Calendars. We love the small details that the Playmobil toys include. Playmobil sent me their Back to the Future DeLorean to review and during the summer holidays, Little E received an amazing Playmobil Magic Mermaids bundle to review. Inside the bundle was the StarterPack Seahorse Carriage, the Pearl Shell Nightlight, and Mermaid Cove.

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Discovering Playmobil Magic Mermaids REVIEW

Playmobil Magic Mermaids

The Playmobil Mermaids are part of the Playmobil Magic range. Little E was very excited that she was sent three items of the range as a gift. Two of the boxes were pretty big!

little e playmobil magic mermaids range

Playmobil Seahorse Carriage

With the Playmobil Seahorse Carriage 70033, you can set off on a magical underwater adventure. Two shimmering pink seahorses pull the carriage along. They can also detach from the carriage to join the mermaids on even more adventures.

seahorse carriage playmobil magic mermaids

What Will You Find In The Box?

  • 2 Mermaids
  • A Starfish
  • 2 Seahorses
  • A Baby Seahorse
  • 1 Shell
  • 16 Small Shells
  • 1 Fish
  • A Sceptre
  • 1 Carriage
  • 1 Sea Plant

Playmobil Pearl Shell Nightlight

With the Playmobil Pearl Shell Nightlight 70095 help, the mermaids protect the luminescent pearls in the large shell. This foldable shell also doubles as a nightlight. The illuminated pearls can be a constant white light or a rotating colour-changer. The lights switch off automatically after 15 minutes.

night light pearl shell playmobil magic mermaids

What Will You Find In The Box?

  • 2 Mermaids
  • A Merman
  • A Swordfish
  • 1 Baby Swordfish
  • A Starfish
  • 1 Spadefish
  • Night Light “Pearl Shell”
  • 1 Rock with Underwater Plants
  • An Algae Throne
  • 4 Pearls
  • An Algae Leaf with Handle
  • 1 Cape
  • 1 Bracelet
  • 2 Pairs of Arm Cuffs
  • A Hairpiece
  • An Algae Stick
  • 1 Seahorse Sceptre
  • 1 Ammonite

Please Note: This toy requires 3 x AAA batteries. You will need to purchase the batteries separately.


Playmobil Mermaid Cove

The Playmobil Mermaid Cove 70094 is home to all the mermaids and mermen. It is deep down in the ocean and to light the seabed the mermaids collect illuminated pearls to make their world shine. Simply let the pearls roll down the pearl track and through the light dome to illuminate it.

mermaid cove marble run playmobil magic mermaids

What Will You Find In The Box?

  • 3 Mermaids
  • A Merman
  • A Merboy
  • 1 Dolphin
  • 1 Baby Dolphin
  • A Butterflyfish
  • 1 Spadefish
  • 2 Seahorses
  • 2 starfish
  • 1 Coral Pavilion with Light Dome and Bead Track
  • 1 Coral Bed
  • 2 Pillows
  • 1 Carafe
  • 1 Glass Bowl
  • 2 Glasses
  • 2 Shells
  • 5 Beads
  • 2 Algae Leaves with Handle
  • 1 Hair Bow
  • 3 Bracelets
  • 1 Necklace
  • 2 Pairs of Arm Cuffs
  • A Crown
  • 1 Collar
  • 1 Cape
  • A Hairpiece
  • Various Coral and Underwater Plants

Please Note: This toy requires 3 x 1.5 V batteries. You will need to purchase the batteries separately.


What Does Little E Love About The Playmobil Magic Mermaids?

Little E was very excited about opening her Playmobil Magic sets. We started with the Seahorse Carriage and worked our way up to the biggest box. Even though the carriage set is the smallest set this one really entertained her. Complete with two mermaids and seahorses her adventure in the mermaid world really began.

little e playmobil starterpack seahorse carriage playmobil magic mermaids

She loves the Pearl Shell Nightlight and this is now a firm fixture in her room at nighttime. The Nightlight has two light options, her favourite being the colour changing option. She loves the Swordfish in this set and all the extras that really help to bring the world of mermaids alive.

little es underwater mermaid world playmobil magic mermaids

Marble runs have always been a hit in our house so I knew the children would love the Mermaid Cove. When Little E discovered that this set also lit up as the pearls run down she was very impressed. She couldn’t wait to share this find with Ethan.

coral light lit yellow mermaid cove
coral light lit orange mermaid cove

Mermaid Cove comes with a total of five mermaids and two dolphins, not to mention lots of extra fish. Little E was in her mermaid element. The Playmobil Magic range is easily one or her favourite Playmobil sets. They let her create a world of magic and mystery. Her brother will also play with her as he loves the pearl run.

little es mermaid world

In the video below you can watch Little E unboxing the three sets and her first reactions to them.

What Do I Love About The Playmobil Magic Mermaids?

I love the details in the Playmobil toys and these sets had it all. From the seashells, coral reefs, and fish every tiny detail of the underwater world was taken into consideration.

mermaid bed

I didn’t give much thought to how poseable the mermaid characters would be. Even this has been thought about by the Playmobil creators. In our sets, two mermaids have a solid tail with formed fins to stand but they can still bend at the waist to sit down. All the rest not only bend at the waist but also at the base of the tail. Meaning you can position their fins for swimming or to stand up.

mermaids standing up

I was impressed with how many mermaid figures come in each set. Little E now has an amazing mermaid collection from these three sets. If your children love mermaids and the underwater world I really don’t think you will be disappointed with any sets from the Playmobil Magic range.

playmobil magic mermaids

DISCLOSURE – We received the Playmobil Magic Mermaids sets as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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