coding jam band music learn coding with osmo review

Learn Coding With OSMO REVIEW

Little E has been very lucky this year as OSMO has been helping her with her learning journey. She got the chance to review the OSMO Genius Kit and the Creative Starter Kit for our iPad. We love OSMO’s home learning capabilities and this month we have been invited to review the OSMO Coding Starter Kit. In this review, we show you how you can learn coding with OSMO.

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Learn Coding With OSMO REVIEW

What Is OSMO?

OSMO is an iPad accessory that gives you hands-on learning. OSMO achieves this with games that use objects in the real world. These objects interact with the digital world shown on the iPad.

What Will You Find In The OSMO Coding Starter Kit?

The Coding Starter Kit includes everything to transform your iPad into a hands-on coding adventure. Containing 3 hands-on learning games that build coding skills in progression. Play the games by connecting colorful blocks of code in the physical world which chart the adventure on the screen.

little e osmo coding starter kit

Inside The Box You Find

  • Osmo Base and reflector for iPad
osmo base reflector ipad home learning with osmo
  • 31 Tangible Coding Block Set
tangible coding blocks learn coding with osmo review

The OSMO Coding Starter Kit Games

Coding Awbie

The game Coding Awbie is the perfect introduction to coding. You learn to control Awbie by stringing together commands. The aim of the game is to guide Awbie on an epic strawberry-munching adventure. There are over 35 levels to explore. These include green forests, jungles, sunny beaches, spooky caves, a snowy mountain, and even a volcano! This game will help to build problem-solving and logic skills while also learning the basic concepts of coding.

little e playing coding awbie learn coding with osmo review

Coding Jam

With Coding Jam you can learn the creative side of coding. Make your own beats come alive with rhythm, melody, and harmony. You will be able to learn patterns and loops with over 300 musical sounds composing your own music. All done by arranging the coding blocks in different ways. When you are happy with your musical masterpiece you can record and share the music with friends, family, and the Jam community.

little e playing coding jam learn coding with osmo review

Coding Duo

Coding Duo is the perfect game for advanced coders. You can solve puzzles side-by-side with a friend or on your own. Mo the monster and Awbie must work together to overcome the brain-stretching coding challenges. It takes two players collaborating together to complete them. There are lots of new worlds and over 60 puzzles to unlock on this adventure.


Which Devices Are Compatible With OSMO?

To use OSMO you need a compatible device. OSMO works with most iPads and Amazon Fire tablets. The OSMO Frequently Asked Questions page lists all of the available compatible devices.

You can purchase iPad’s from many online stores including AGROS*,*, and Very*. Amazon Fire tablets are available to purchase online at Amazon*.


PLEASE NOTE Compatible devices do not come in the OSMO sets. You must purchase one separately.

What Does Little E Love About The OSMO Coding Starter Kit?

Little E loves her OSMO and couldn’t wait to start playing her new ‘game’. She started off by playing Coding Awbie, a great introduction into the coding world.

little e making awbie move learn coding with osmo review

In this game, it is easy to learn coding with OSMO. It shows you the coding moves you need for each step and prompts you if you struggle. Little E was soon moving Awbie around his world independently and didn’t want or need any help from me.

little e controlling coding awbie learn coding with osmo review

Little E loves Coding Jam. She has lots of fun making her own music and adding to the list of musical characters she can use. She sends me lots of her musical creations to listen too via the app. They come directly to my email inbox.

coding jam character learn coding with osmo review

In the below video you can see some of Little E’s OSMO Coding Starter Kit highlights.

What Do I Love About The OSMO Coding Starter Kit?

I love that Little E has been given the opportunity to learn coding with OSMO. The Coding Critters did start to introduce her to coding this spring but OSMO takes it to the next level. It was amazing how quickly she picked up the concept of using the coding blocks.

coding jam practice levels

We need to play Coding Awbie a lot more before we can really explore the Coding Duo game. We did try to play it but it was too advance for our coding ability. There is a lot we still have a lot to learn and I love that the OSMO Coding Starter Kit grows with your learning. We will be playing with this one for many months to come.

coding jam band music

OSMO really is such an amazing learning app with so many different add on games available. I’m so glad we got the chance to add another set to our OSMO collection*.

DISCLOSURE – We received the OSMO Coding Starter Kit as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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