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Disney Stars on Parade – Disneyland Paris Parade

I do love a Disney Parade*. I don’t know why it is that I love them so much. Perhaps it’s the music and the chance to wave at your favourite characters. It’s like a mini show and watching the parade floats make their way down Main Street USA just adds to the magic. The first-ever parade I saw was Remember the Magic in the Magic Kingdom. It was part of the 25th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. My friend and I were chosen to take part in a relay race in the Beauty and the Beast section. I loved every moment. They did have to cancel parades because of covid but they are starting to come back. Disney Stars on Parade is the parade you will find at Disneyland Paris*.

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Disney Stars on Parade

We love sharing our Disneyland Paris adventures on our blog. Make sure you visit our Disneyland Paris Trips and Experiences post to read all about them.

Disney Stars on Parade

This parade premiered in Disneyland Park* in Disneyland Paris on March 26 2017. It was created as part of the entertainment to celebrate the park’s 25th-anniversary. The theme of the Disney Stars on Parade is to celebrate the discovery of lands of imagination.

mickey minnie daisy donald disney stars parade float

The Disney Stars on Parade Float

This parade starts with classic Disney characters dancing in front of the first float. This is your chance to see Pinocchio, Genie and Mary Poppins, to name just a few.

genie aladdin mary poppins tigger disney stars parade

The float itself is where you will see the fab five. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are riding at the front of the float. Donald and Daisy Duck and Chip ‘n’ Dale aren’t that far behind them. Make sure you lookout for the dancing Pluto at the back of the float.

minnie mouse disney stars parade
pluto disney stars parade

The Toy Story Float

This is one of my favourite floats. A chance to see our favourite Toy Story characters who you can spot on the float.

buzz toy story float disney stars parade
woody slinky dog toy story float disney stars parade
jessie toy story float disney stars parade

The float has an escort of dancers and Green Army Men. I love the details of the dancer’s outfits. The cowboy’s patches are actually in the shape of the main Toy Story characters.

coyboy cowgirl dancers green army men disney stars parade
green army man disney stars parade

The Lion King and Jungle Book Float

The dancers who accompany this float have amazing costumes and make-up. Dressed to match the animal kingdom. The detail is amazing.

dancer dressed monkey disney stars parade
dancer dressed birds disney stars parade

The front of the float transports you to pride rock. This gives you a great chance to spot Rafiki.

rafiki simba lion king float disney stars parade

On the other side of the float, the Jungle Book side, you might be able to spot King Louie or Mowgli.

king louie disney stars parade

The Peter Pan Float

This is another favourite float of mine. I love the use of Skull Rock and being able to see Captain Hook and Mr Smee.

peter pan float disney stars parade
mr smee skull rock disney stars parade

Peter Pan is in a flying ship and the Lost Boys can be very entertaining!

peter pan flying ship disney stars parade

The Finding Nemo Float

This is another section of the parade where the dancer’s costumes and the attention to detail are amazing. Dressing the dancers as coral who walk along the parade route with the puppeteers.

dancer dressed coral disney stars parade

The puppeteer’s control Nemo, Dory, and Marlin making them swim the parade route.

nemo dory marlin puppeteers disney stars parade

The parade float is the turtle Crush. You can also find other charters from the Nemo films swimming around Crush on the float.

crush finding nemo float disney stars parade
sheldon finding nemo float disney stars parade

The Maleficent Dragon

Leading this section of the parade is Prince Phillip. Fighting the brambles played by dancers using stilts.

prince phillip brambles maleficent dragon disney stars parade
dancers dressed brambles disney stars parade
dancer dressed bramble disney stars parade

The dragon design takes inspiration from steampunk and breaths fire. This dragon is a replica of the one they use in the Festival of Fantasy Parade. The parade currently takes place in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

maleficent dragon

The Princess Float

There has been an update to the princess section of the parade since we last saw it. The original princess section is part of the parade I really enjoyed as it contained both the princesses with their princes. Now there is a parade float that holds all of the princesses. This section is still led by Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. I love these costumes as the characters move about on what I can only assume is a motorised base. I bet the cast members have so much fun on these.

flora fauna merryweather

The princess section we have seen had three horse-drawn carriages as well as princesses dancing around the parade route.

snow white prince
tiana prince naveen
cinderella prince charming horse drawn carriage
belle beast horse drawn carriage
rapunzel flynn rider horse drawn carriage

The Frozen Float

This is the only chance you will get to see the Frozen characters in Disneyland Park. You can see them in Frozen: A Musical Invitation in the Walt Disney Studios Park. We were very lucky to meet them during our visit to Disneyland Paris after the covid closures. They turned the show into a character selfie spot.

Escorting Kristoff through the parade route are dancers dressed as snowflakes.

dancer dressed snowflake

The parade float has Olaf and a rocking horse Sven at the front. Of course, Anna and Elsa can be seen in an ice palace.

olaf sven
anna elsa frozen float

I have two videos of the complete Disney Stars on Parade. This video was filmed during the 25th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris*.

Our second video was taken when we visited Disneyland Paris in May 2019.

We love sharing our Disneyland Paris adventures on our blog. Make sure you visit our Disneyland Paris Trips and Experiences post to read all about them.

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