the best of texas with children

The Best of Texas with Children

Everything’s bigger in ‘the Lone Star State’. There are over 80 state parks, for instance, as well as a host of kid’s play centres, museums, galleries, and sites to visit. If you will be visiting Texas for the first time with kids, then the only problem will be deciding which sites to include on your bucket list. If you have over a week to enjoy with your family, don’t miss out on the following sites, landscapes, and activities.

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Something for the Nature Lovers

Many people decide to settle in the Lone Star state because of the abundance of water features, green areas, parks, and land in Texas. Those who are lucky enough to live on ranches often have beautiful views of areas such as Enchanted Rock, Lake Travis, or San Saba River. If your kids usually spend time indoors or it seems like they are glued to their screens, then it’s time to explore a few of Texas’ most stunning natural wonders. Top activities include a walk along the beach at Sea Rim State Park, kayaking in Tyler State Park, camping and bird watching at the Hueco Tanks State Park, and horse riding or mountain biking at Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Astronauts in the Making

If you will be calling Houston home for a few days, then few things will get adventure-loving kids more excited than visiting the Space Center. There, they can wear an astronaut suit, check out real-life moon rocks, and learn more about historic launches such as Apollo, Gemini, and Mercury. There is always something new going on so check out the official site to stay updated. Some of the most interesting exhibits have included displays of rockets such as the SpaceX Falcon 9. The Starship Gallery, meanwhile, is home to a host of flown spacecraft and information about the history of human space exploration.

Six Flags in Texas

No child can resist a fun theme park and Six Flags Fiesta Texas is just about as activity-packed as it gets. Located in San Antonio, this park has a host of rides of all types—including thrilling, family, kids, and water rides. There are also over 25 food venues and carts where you can enjoy classic theme park treats like funnel cakes, nachos, and turkey legs.

The Children’s Museum in Houston

This museum was rated number one in the U.S. by Parents magazine, owing to its vast size (it measures some 90,000 square feet) and wide range of activities. Some of the most enjoyable permanent activities include FlowWorks, which uses water (tsunamis, currents, rapids, and vortices) as a medium for children to learn about physics; Kidtropolis, USA (where budding entrepreneurs can learn how to start a business, hold a job, and elect government representatives); and PowerPlay (where kids complete a host of physical challenges while tracking their body’s reaction to it). Every area is well thought out and themes include sustainability, invention, and anatomy for kids.

Texas is an impressively large state with various spots for families to have fun and stay active. From majestic natural parks right through to theme parks and galleries, there truly is something for everyone. During your visit, aim to find the perfect combination between nature, culture, and gastronomy, so when you leave, you can truly feel like you have savoured the best Texas has to offer.

DISCLOSURE – This is a collaborative post.

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