Ethan’s Dream Garden – What We Would Do With A £750 Make-Over!

When Ethan was born we lived in a two bedroom flat on the sixth floor. The only outside space we had was a tiny balcony that overlooked a very busy high street, not the ideal play space for a little person. 

Against all the odds this time two years ago we had sold our flat and was on the road to buying our first house. In Ethan’s baby book in the message I wrote to I vowed to Ethan that I would find him a home with an outside space for him, our dream was coming true.
Daddy and Grandad soon got to work making the garden ready for Ethan to play in. 



At first Ethan didn’t know how to use his new space but with the help of a sensory garden Ethan had lots of fun in our garden this year. 




As Ethan has got older he has shown a huge interest in climbing frames and slides but as he has no concept of danger it is increasingly difficult for me to take him to these play areas on my own.


So if we had the chance to spend £750 on our ideal garden, we would create a dream play area for Ethan by doing the following. 
We would firstly purchase a Castlewood Tower as the perfect base for Ethan’s climbing area. 
We would add on a Crazywavy Slide as every climbing frame needs at great slide for lots of fun. 
A Den Pack would also be purchased so that Ethan can have his own space if ever he needed some time out. 
And no play area would be complete without something that spins, Boat Steering Wheel and some Binoculars to make sure the garden is safe and sound. 


These items would come to a grand total of £477.45
With a ladder and a slide Ethan would have lots of fun going up and down, burning off lots of energy. It is also small enough that it would fit in our garden and it would be easy for me to assist Ethan as and when he needs me. 
Ethan is a little thrill seeker, so with the remaining money we would purchase the Up and Down Roller Coaster. This looks like the perfect way to create thrills and spills in the comfort of your own home. 
We would also look to expand Ethan’s sensory area, adding some more permanent features including a water feature and lighting. 
Our dream garden is all about creating a safe and fun environment for our son to enjoy his childhood. 
“This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition” 

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