Ethan’s 1st Official Pony Ride

After Ethan’s success of pony riding at the farm open day earlier in the month his grandparents thought it would be nice to treat Ethan to an official pony ride, so they booked him in. 

Pony rides are booked for 15 minute sessions which we thought would be more than Enough time for Ethan. I was a little worried if he would stay still the whole time and want to stay on but like always he showed us that we worried for nothing. 

First of all Ethan got fitted for a hat, this must feel strange for him as it must feel quite heavy on his little head. 

He then got placed on his pony, this was the pony he rode the other week and we discovered his name is Merlin. 
And with that he was off, he was taken up and down the lane three times. 
We could hear him babbling the whole time so we think he enjoyed himself.
We would love to try to take Ethan here every couple of months in the hope that it will help with his communication.

6 thoughts on “Ethan’s 1st Official Pony Ride”

  1. Ethan looks so small on Merlin, I’m so glad he had a lovely time and wasn’t frightened. The video is so sweet (and the music very apt 😉 ), thanks for sharing Ethan’s special adventure with Country Kids.

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you, I really hope he can go again. I had to use that music, it was my favorite film growing up!

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