Experimenting With Angel Delight #AngelDelightMoments


Angel Delight is the heritage brand pudding that’s fun to make as well as eat. The tasty and quick instant dessert has been whipped up by families since 1967. 
The new Bubblegum flavour Angel Delight, which launched in Tesco last September can be used to make either a traditional instant dessert or a milkshake, with instructions for both on the back of the packets! The Bubblegum flavour is made only using natural colourings and is suitable for vegetarians.
Angel Delight Bubblegum flavour
Angel Delight is something that we have in our food cupboard all the time. We have it on hand for when Ethan is unwell. If he isn’t feeling one hundred percent he will stop eating, and sometimes even drinking. Being that Angel Delight is made from milk I know that is a good choice when Ethan is being very restrictive with his food. 
I have only ever made it in the traditional way and when Darren heard the word milkshake he wanted to give it a try. 
We were sent two sachets of the Bubblegum flavor to try, Darren immediately created a milkshake by adding ice cream into the mixture. 
Angel Delight Bubblegum flavour MilkshakeAngel Delight Bubblegum flavour Milkshake
I added the cream to make it a little more interesting. Darren had drunk the milkshake in seconds, this is normal for him. He liked the new flavour and is already insisting on buying him more Angel Delight so he can try all of the flavours as a milkshake. 
With the second sachet I wanted to try something different and get Ethan to help create the dessert. I thought the easiest thing to do to keep Ethan engaged was create an Angel Delight trifle. 
I purchased sponge fingers, marshmallows, hundreds and thousands and chocolate stars. 
We started by creating the Angel Delight. 
We then placed some of the sponge fingers into the sundae glass. Ethan decided to eat some at the same time!


We then poured the Angel Delight over the sponge fingers…


…and added the cream on top.
The we decorated the top with the marshmallows, hundreds and thousands and the chocolate stars. 


Our Angel Delight trifle was complete.
Angel Delight Bubblegum flavour Trifle
What’s the best thing about creating a dessert?
Tasting It!

Darren also tasted our trifle creation, he preferred the new Bubblegum flavour as a milkshake. He thought that the flavour was a little bit too strong when created in the traditional way. 
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