Peppa Pig Live – Peppa’s Big Splash

In October we discovered that Peppa Pig live was going to be visiting Clacton as part of it’s tour. Growing up I used to go to the theatre and I would love to be able to share this with Ethan. Knowing that the theatre would be full of little children we decided to book tickets. We thought it would be a perfect way to have some Ethan time whilst nanny looked after Little E for us.

I didn’t tell Ethan we were going until we were about to leave. I had the flyer and showed him it saying we are going to see Peppa Pig.

When we arrived it was very noisy with lots of excited children. Ethan clung to us, his anxiety levels showing more and more since the soft play incident. Any unexpected noise from a child making him jump sky high.

I had carefully picked our seats so that we were on the end of the row at the side. Close enough that Ethan would be engaged with the show. This gave us a way to leave if it all got too much for Ethan without disturbing anyone.

Ethan was very nervous looking around at all the children so we got him a flashing spinner to keep him entertained. Got to love a spinning, flashing thing!

The show was lovely, it was narrated by a girl called Daisy which worked well with the puppets. All of the characters are puppets, Mr Ball being my favourite. There were lots of songs and we even saw Mr Potato himself. It really kept Ethan entertained but he sat on our laps the whole time to watch it. At the end of the show all of the children were up near the stage jumping in the muddy puddles. 
During the intermission we asked Ethan if he would like a Dinosaur, thinking he would say no. He repeated the word so Daddy went off to get him a dinosaur like George. 
He held the dinosaur all the way through the second act and all the way home. He now lives in Ethan’s bed. 
We really did enjoy our day and have booked to take Ethan to see the Christmas panto.

5 thoughts on “Peppa Pig Live – Peppa’s Big Splash”

  1. Such a lovely story. I’m glad Ethan enjoyed it and watched the whole show.
    My twins are OBSESSED with Peppa Pig, so I really should look this event up.

  2. Aww this is lovely, so glad to see he enjoyed it! I’ve been thinking about taking Monkey to see a show at some point though I worry how he would get on with it.. need to see what is on near us for a start i guess! xx

  3. Hello there, this is ace. We went to see it a few months ago and were worried it would be too noisy for our little boy as he got so upset when we tried to talk him to the panto. But he loved it (especially the spinny flashy thing!) and although a bit tired and emotional by the end, he had a great time. So glad to hear you did too x #ssamazingachievements

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