My Fairy Garden Fairy Flowerpot REVIEW

We were asked if we would like to review an item from the My Fairy Garden range and we picked the Fairy Flowerpot for Little E to review. Little E is actually under the recommended age for the Fairy Flowerpot but as she loves little things and we know she will be supervised with the item we were happy for her to give it a go.

Little E was very excited when we received delivery of her Fairy Flowerpot, and wanted to get ‘Tinkerbell’ out of her box right away. Being that I wanted us to capture the unboxing and us planting of the seeds together on video she had to wait a little longer than she would have liked.

Little E’s fairy was actually called Blossom and she was very interested in her. We had to carry Blossom around the house with us for a few days. We did have a slight problem with the fairy and that was that her legs could pop off from her body quite easily. This caused Little E a bit of distress but the problem was soon solved with some glue.

Little E has let Blossom sleep in her little house at night and has helped me water the seeds in the flowerpot. Our seeds are actually growing really well, we are looking forward to seeing if they grow into flowers.

I think the Fairy Flowerpot makes a lovely little gift and doesn’t take up too much room as it easily fits on a window ledge. I think it would make a great gift for all ages as my mum has had her eye on our Fairy Flowerpot. I also think it might make the Tooth Fairy story more visual for both of our children. When Ethan loses his next tooth I’m going to ask him to place it in Blossom’s house so that she can take it away for him.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the My Fairy Garden Fairy Flowerpot in return for writing this review. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the product.

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